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Is there any software exist to get more Facebook fan pages likes, auto Facebook and linkedin shares on pages and groups, adding twitter followers? Linked in groups, etc

Is any warrior can help me?
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    you can always buy likes, but I wouldn't recommend that. The likes that you get by using such means, or even shares won't be organic. It is better to build your likes through hard work then with software or money because the bought likes are only a waste of space and money. Their conversion rates are going to be very low.

    I suggest you do all those things on your own. There are so many great social media tools that you can use to help you. Furthermore, when things are done by people instead of software they don't seem automated and you can attract more traffic that way.

    if you still want to get likes through software then I am sure such software must exist. Did you try to Google it?

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    There are so many sites, where you can get this service easily. Such as admefast, youlikehit or something like these. Even you can hire any freelancer to increase your LIKE, FOLLOWERS & linkedin etc.


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    There are so many software's through which you can increase the number of likes to your Facebook page like Auto Liker, Facebook top fans generator. Why don't you hire any freelancer? Because freelancer may do this job for you in shortest time span.

    Salma Ali

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    No good software, no.

    You don't need an all-in-one piece of software, though. You just need to learn how to grow FB pages naturally. You won't lose your page. You'll have high-converting traffic.


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    No good software
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    Addmefast is a good option for social media promotion. I have had good experience with them..
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