Things you wish you'd known from the start

by Heath Sanchez 27 replies
Ok guys..

I'm a big fan of lists - we can all learn ALOT from simple lists.

So let's make one together.

Thing You Wish You'd Known From The Start

1. To focus on 1 project at a time!
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    2. Let go - don't wait for everything to be perfect. Good is more than enough.
    (Pregnancy lasts 9 months, reaching adulthood takes about 21 years on average, imagine if your mother had to carry you all that time ...)
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    3. Learn to say "No" to distractions when freelancing
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    To borrow a phrase from a well known person: Ready, Fire, Aim!. I wish I had just started doing something instead of spending hours researching and tweaking a project. I have come to the conclusion that perfect is unattainable, and good enough will often win the day.
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      that the only thing that really matters is unique, useful content.
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      Take positive action instead of just sitting on the information.

      I know it sounds like an obvious thing but too many times we get caught up in the next big money making craze and forget to focus on building a solid business.


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        Give your efforts enough time before you decide they haven't worked, and then improve on it and learn from it.

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        "The only thing thats keeping you from getting what you want is the story you keep telling yourself about why you can't have it"- Tony Robbins

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          Oh man I can put a huge list here but I will list a few:

          1) Watch what people do and do not listen to what they say

          2) Focus on one thing, do it well, get it to where you desire it to be and start the next project

          3) Have fun doing what you're doing

          4) Fall in love with failing as it will teach you valuable lessons
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            1. Keep track of everything you do that works... even if just a little bit
            2. Create a step by step system which includes each of those
            3. Automate every part of that system you can
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              that after all the "secrets", "amazing discoveries" and "the next big thing", the basics still work......


              but i just HAD TO look for an "easy way", which was always just as close as a gambling junkie's jackpot, and that could be on the next spin, next month, or like in my case, next to never..........

              and searching 4 that i got information poisoning, lost focus, and was lost. until i came here and saw all the road signs, placed there by people who have been there.
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                my biggest lesson from the start was..

                not to focus on becoming the biggest affiliate..

                If you can send that much traffic.. you should have your OWN site to send this traffic too.... biggest and hardest lesson Ive learned on the web

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                  Excellent answers guys.

                  Here's another nugget of truth that took me years to get!

                  DON'T GET IT RIGHT - GET IT GOING!
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                    Great question Heath!

                    I'll plump for...

                    Making money online doesn't cost as much as what people tell you.

                    It's all about being smart
                    Are you failing as an affiliate marketer? There is still hope!
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                      Sorry to for all the cornyisms, but this one is awesome:


                      I wish I knew not to complicated things too much and to focus on the simple things that work.
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    Don't try to be everything - Focus on what you intend to finish, don't jump in to the current hype to another. Just do what you do best. Explore others later when you're already at the peak of what you do best.

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