Where to Sell a Profitable Website?

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one of my content-driven websites brings in anywhere from $3k to $4k in "profits" each month. I wanna offer it for sale and see, but not sure where the best place would be for that nowadays.

The last time I sold one was on flippa.com (back in the days when it was the leading site for such transactions). But heard it ain't anymore. I'll probably list it on more than one place, but any suggestions on which of them is the leading site nowadays?

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    There are several places, and I expect you'll be told about them pretty soon. My suggestion, and it's one that I use a lot, is direct contact. Source websites in the niche and contact them directly. You'll find some people will want to buy it to expand their market reach, and others may be interested in stopping competition expanding market reach.


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    Well Flippa.com is still pretty active in that space - there is the one hosted by this forum too it's freemarket.com- if that monthly profit is stable should be worth a pretty penny but why sell it if it earns a regular income?

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      I would give EmpireFlippers a try, they seem to be able to get higher prices then any auction like Flippa.com or Freemarket.com.

      It's not cheap to list with them but if you can get 16-20* monthly instead of 4-10* like on most auction sites then it can be a huge win obvious.

      The site needs to be worth a couple thousand to cover their listing fees though.
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    Flippa is a big place to sell your website for even 16x of it's value.

    Buysellwebsite.com is also great.

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    One word - Flippa when it comes to website sales. Relist your site again if you have listed it before.
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