Determination - Has Changed My Entire Life...

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Hey guy's,

I don't post all too frequently, and more often than not I'm on here looking for marketing advice and copy critiques. The other day I posted a response to a young guy asking about whether he should quit his job to chase his dream. Part of this post was there and after setting it aside and coming back to re-read the responses and my actual post itself, I cried.

*Disclaimer* I am not posting this in any way to brag or boast, quite the contrary in sharing my humbling and gratifying journey I have taken part in. I hope that others sitting where I was just 3 years ago find this an inspiration but more than that proof that this "sh*t" really does work. That if you put your mind to what you're doing, devote yourself 100%, lay your ears back and beat down the odds... you'll make it. I Promise.

My Name is Josh. I'm a "bricks and Mortar guy" running a Performance training company in my region, and I have been chasing my dream for 3 years. This is My Story, My Journey, and My Life.

We started off small, and streamlined on a budget of 4500.00 in which I found an investor to match me and 2k my fiancé and I worked to save over 6 months.

Just before we started I had the opportunity to become a manager at a club for personal Trainers and their programs, around 35-45k a year. But it was a full time job on top of my part time job. That left me little time.

At that time my brothers had no place to live. They were being forced to move by their mother. Brittany my fiancée and I had a long talk. We had been planning our business for a year (two division 1 prospect athletes hindered by career ending injuries) and we were looking to make a difference in athlete's lives.

By taking the job I gave my family security, I gave us a home, and I gave us a decent mediocre life. By not I was risking our lives, the food on our table and the god-awful number known as the credit score.

We knew in our hearts that if we got into the corporate world, if we followed the sheep and listened to our teachers and "career advisors" that one day we'd be like everyone else, in debt, and living my life t meet my paycheck instead of making my paycheck meet my lifestyle and standard of living. We took the Plunge.

I took our job offers and shoved them right up the corporate anus. We started our business and 3 days out of the gate I sold 2500.00 in performance services.

WOW- We are going to be Rich! LMAO

I got brave virtually immediately. Instead of capitalizing on the opportunity I screwed it up and went right into trying to build an online fitness empire! Long story short, I lost over 9000 dollars, 2 months' time and 6 clients. So much for a launch of 100k!

I realized over months of deterioration, and agony that I was not ready for the online world, and started focusing on MY business, taking what I could from the forum and putting it into my situation. I started to have some success. But that success was short lived.

The most depressing and terrible experience of my entire life...

After losing my brothers, my home, and every last client I had I was destroyed. I had no money, I had nothing. We started over with 900 bucks and change. We moved to them in Orlando, and then Jacksonville and then My brothers were thrown back into my arms by this time there father, and we had 200 dollars left. We moved back to O town where We lived in an apartment efficiency for months, surrounded by drug dealers, crack heads and prostitutes, and with nothing but extra crunchy jiff, Welch's grape Jelly and 99 cent bread.

I watched my brothers sleep their pain and depression away, I hid my car from the repo truck, I watched my family struggle to forget hunger, and fear. I tried everything, articles, signs, ppc, SEO, got my sites ranked for one of the most competitive markets in my industry to Number's 1 2 3, then tested dozens of sites, and copy and form. We got a client then reinvested, and every single Tuesday morning at 11:59am I scrapped PayPal funds, spare change and my brother's savings bonds together for another week's roof.

My pride kept me from literally walking to the winter park interstate I-4 exit 88 corner and holding a sign up for dollars. With my last dollars spent, no food in the house, and nowhere to turn, we lost everything, again. My car was behind 2 going on 3 payments, credit limits crushed, we came back to our real home. We started over with 0 dollars.

The last straw.

Every man has his limit. I had reached mine. My depression, my lackluster work ethic, myself pity was killing me (might I add I've lost quite a bit of hiar?) I had to do something so I thought outside the box. It was in front of my face every single day of the last 3 years... and I never realized it. Britt and I turned it on in over drive.

We got our first client in 6 days, we generated 86 leads over a two month period, cold 6 new packages started a short 93 man team clinic, and a speed camp of approx. 20 kids.

We sold just around 6k and should be hitting 10k for the month of july, and we now have a brand new facility that we are fully contracted out of. We have 2000 prospect athletes to mail to, a sale letter in formulation, and a marketing plan in place. I just built and developed an entire Online Management and development solution to run my entire business from, put up a new site, got signage and material in our new facility and My fiancé and I are getting degrees online and I haven't worked a day of a job since I started this business.

We all believed in the dream. Now my business is coming together. I had my breakthrough; it's not all gold and glory yet. But were catching up, fixing credit scores, paying bills and getting a new place!

We now get one call almost every day for private, membership or camp training, and i just took my fiancé to get a new haircut, color and style which she's been without for the last 2 years straight.

I just took my brothers and fiancé out to a movie for the first time in over 9 months. I paid up my car, my credit cards and I'm going to be mailing a hot sales letter to over 2000 avid spending parents of athletes within the next week.

Now we are a family. We risked everything together. We sacrificed and we are beating the piss out of the odds. And the only thing that separated me from the crowd was because I made a decision to put myself in a do or die position. I took a risk that I was scared to take. I became 1% of society, I became... a Man.

My point in this guy's is look. Look at yourself in the mirror. Are you happy? Are you happy with being a 9-5er?

Do you like that fat-ass guy you call a manager, coming over to your desk and pissing in your coffee every morning? I took a massive risk by throwing away a career, and begin the process of building my empire. It was scary, I cried more in those 2 years than I can ever remember in my life, but now it has paid off.

Through this Forum, and guys and gals here, and through my hard work, my families love and devotion and most importantly MY DETERMINATION I have made it.

I have it my breakthrough and I'm on the road to what used to be my dreams, but now is becoming a reality.

For those of you sitting in anguish, in tears, in hopelessness - It is real. You can do it, it's not luck, it's not birth right. It's you. It's your Choice. Don't give up, push through the pain, grip up, grit your teeth, and hit life head on with all you've got. When you fall get your ass up. When you cry dry your tears. I was there, now I'm here, it was a short step and an easy turn I just missed it, keep searching you'll find it.

In closing I leave you with this, a quote I have made that site son my desktop background right now, and a quote that got me through every day of my life over the last 3 years...

"Through faith in God & with Strength, Desire, and Determination, You're Truly Destined to become what you Aspire to be."
-Joshua Morris

God Bless and Thank you to all who have helped make our dreams a reality, myself and my Family are ever gracious.
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