off topic -Who wants to claim my prize?!

by Graham Maddison 7 replies
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    Unfortunately I am going to have to pass as I just got the same offer from a guy in Nigeria and I'm still waiting on my check! LOL

    Fools and their money are soon parted.
    If it seems to good to be true....
    Buyer beware
    Don't believe eveything you read

    And the list goes on and on......

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      "in which e-mail addresses are picked
      randomly by Software powered by the Internet"

      ...almost genius!


      Not promoting right now

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        Does this mean I didn't really win a wife last week called Svetlana with long legs and blonde hair who 'likes walks on beeches and hand holding'?


        Next you people will be telling me there's no tooth fairy!

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        Is SkyNet here already?

        Anyone called John or Sarah Connor had better keep an eye out for Aaaaahnold.

        Originally Posted by Steven Fullman View Post

        "in which e-mail addresses are picked
        randomly by Software powered by the Internet"

        ...almost genius!

        eCoverNinja - Sales Page Graphics & Layout Specialist
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          I won too...

          Only mine was in ugandan dollars and equates to 17p at the current exchange rate..

          Wish I had your email instead


          Bare Murkage.........

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    Hang on a minute Graham - I already won that!

    Originally Posted by Graham Maddison View Post

    I just received this email........nice surprise


    to undisclosed-re.
    show details 23:41 (5 minutes ago)

    Lancaster House, Lancaster Way, Ermine Business Park
    PE29 6YJ HUNTINGDON United Kingdom
    REF: 26510460037/02/Nok
    BATCH: 24/00319/Nok

    Dear Winner,

    Your ticket number: 023-0148-790-459 with Serial number 5368/05 drew The lucky
    number 11.Congratulations, you have just won yourself -TWO HUNDRED AND NINETY
    FIVE THOUSAND POUNDS ONLY(£295,000) in the satellite software email lottery
    conducted By our PROMOTIONS OFFICE in which e-mail addresses are picked
    randomly by Software powered by the Internet.

    In line with the commemorating event marking our 143rd anniversary we rolled
    out over £16,000.000.00 (Sixteen Million Great Britain Pounds) for our 143rd
    Anniversary Draws. All participants were selected through a computer ballot
    system drawn form 2500 electronic mail provider Your email address was among
    those chosen this quarter and you are to contact our cash officer for
    Clearance. Here is the contact information:

    Mr.Harry Brown
    Cash Officer
    NOkia UK

    You are advised to provide him with the under listed information's as soon as

    1.Name in full
    6.Telephone Number
    7.Present Country
    8.Fax [optional]
    9.Email address

    Congratulation once again.

    Anyone care to claim it?

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