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by spicer
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The site is still in progress, but I have a couple of quick videos ready demonstrating some of the core functionality and would like to get your opinion on the whole concept, is there any functionality you would love to see added or something done differently, also any feedback on my initial thoughts on pricing, or any feedback in general. Also I will soon be needing some people to beta test the site and hopefully provide testimonials. Also, if you would want to do a Joint Venture let me know as well. There is a sign up form on the home page or just send me a pm.

Here are the videos:



The membership site will allow you to quickly build and manage websites, blogs, online stores, landing pages, review sites, and more. We are developing a membership and community site that will allow you to automatically create a website with a wordpress blog. Then simple add articles, products, videos, and more without having to do any coding, ftp, etc... Easily manage thousands of blogs and sites from our easy to use portal. You will be able to sign up login and create full functioning stores, blogs, landing pages, review sites, etc... within minutes.

You would be able to add your own products or choose from clickbank, paydotcom, and other affiliate products. Of course you would still need to get any approvals to sell the affiliate products but it would create the landing page or online store with the affiliate links already to go. For your own products you can use any payment processor or even a shopping cart such as PayPal's cart as you would just need to provide a link.

You would have full access to the websites via cpanel and wordpress so you could still add whatever you wanted to the website if there is something you really wanted that we did not do.

The price will include hosting on shared servers. Possible upgrade options to dedicated servers.

There will be training videos, a members forum, and more.

I was thinking the following for pricing

$47 a month for a single website
$67 a month for 5 websites
$97 a month for 10 websites
$197 a month for unlimited websites

Please let me know what you think about the concept, the functionality, the pricing, or anything. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.


Jeff Spicer
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