Need task/to-do list manager software...

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Need a task/to-do list manager like Gqueues is perfect but for offline, a software for windows. Preferable free, but if you know of something not free please share that link too..

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    If you have a smartphone I would download some of the free apple productivity tools. If you are using a laptop or desktop then I would use Google docs.

    The beauty of Google docs is that if required you can share to do lists and task management activities with other people.
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    I used to use EverNote- not sure why i left, may re-embrace it again. Otherewise, I used the built in functionality in Outlook.
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    Trello is free:

    But I find Google Drive has huge a capabilities for continuous note taking and you can insert tables, diagrams. And it is backed up in the cloud. It is something I can't work without now. And the spell checker is intelligent and blindingly fast too, far superior to Microsoft word!

    viva business

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      I have used a quite a few different To Do/Task Manager applications over the years, and there are countless practical free ones available that will show up on a search on google, the app store and the play store, but because there are so many,it can be quite confusing, to find one that will work consistently well for the way you work.
      For the last six months I have been using Google's Keep, as as I can access it on/offline on my tablet, phone and my laptop as it is available as apps on android and as a Chrome extension.
      Its Free!
      Hope this helps.
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    The following isn't for Windows. But, it's such an incredible tool, that I'll still mention the free online software at It's quite incredible. Have used it for years.

    Work1099 Simplifies Self-Employment.

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