War Room is now $97? I thought it was $20 a few months ago.

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War Room is now $97? I thought it was $20 a few months ago.
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    The price changed a few months ago after the change of ownership.
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    Also, do you all think that the WAR room is worth paying $97 for? What is the difference in contents that we get by being a WAR room member and non-member?
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    Have to admit, I bought the WR membership just because I was curious. Will you learn a lot? I didn't, but then I've been at this a long time. My advice is this: if you're not making money by using the free sections of WF, then I would save your money for now. The WR is not a magic recipe for success. Honestly, and in my opinion (obviously), it requires a major overhaul.


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    It is worth the $20.00 that I paid for lifetime membership, but I would not pay $97.00 per year


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