Best Wordpress and Design Course?

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Is there a good somewhat condensed course on how to create nice looking sites in wordpress?

Already know/understand the basics, but need instruction on the best ways to get the site to look professional, using all the different functionality. Thanks!
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    Since no one replied I try to give a couple related tips:

    These are links I have on this in my bookmarks:

    Genesis Framework by StudioPress

    im Graphic Designs

    None courses, but sites to build your the professional design you need. I know it's not what you asked for but no one replied so I thought I might add couple tips.

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    If you already know the basics of Wordpress the rest is down to the theme you choose. Each theme has it's own look and feel with its own customization options.

    To what extent do you know wordpress? Do you know how to work with shortcodes etc? ie just how basic is your understanding of WordPress?

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      Looking professional is a matter of opinion as to what a pro site should look like. For sure, though, you will need decent graphics for your header, large enough font to be easily legible, but mostly you need something that you care enough to write great content about. If you have that, nobody is going to mind much what your site looks like as long as it doesn't remind them of Geo Cities. :-)

      Some of the best sites I know of with tons of readers, have very minimal design, sites like James Clear dot com, Zen habits dot com and 37 Signals (now Basecamp) dot com.

      Take a look at those and see if you can get some ideas for good design for your site.

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