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Hi! Im very new here to warrior forum and as the name implies I am an SEC fanatic. To the point! I own, and I'm new to domaining and I haven't a clue about website development. But I am eager to learn, but I just dont know where to begin. Im not rushing, but the amount of information available online is very confusing just because there is sooo much. What would be a good starting point? Where can I find a developer? How do I find clients? Like I've stated, searching google there is so so much then i lose focus on what it was i was suppose to be looking for in the first place. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!:smilie s_confused:
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    Domain flipping isnt easy.

    All of the best domains were snapped up donkeys years ago, however that been said there is still money to be made from registering new domains. This is few and far between though and experience here can make the difference in making or wasting money.

    For domain flipping:
    Id recommend you sign up to domain forums / etc and read up as much as you can.

    Also dont get caught up in the following:
    1. DomainA sold for x,xxx so DomainB is worth that much
    2. DomainA is listed on sedo for 50k so if i register something similar its worth the same
    3. Old trends (EMD etc etc)
    4. Keep away from any trademark domains (you can check for trademarks @ along with plenty of other sites)
    5. Dont register too many domains without making any sales first, because you will just end up snowed under with a possible loss in registration fee's.

    Finding buyers

    1. I like domain forums, because you can sometimes flip a good domain quickly to another domainer who is willing to put it in their portfolio or a developer.
    2. List them in all the free places first, sedo and other domain market places
    3. Do a search on google for possible (end users), and start contacting the companies who are in the niche with a simple but professional email (Seriously dont blabber on about crap or they will lose interest, just be to the point)

    Always keep in your mind, a domain is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it, not a penny more or a penny less.

    For website flipping

    I can not really offer much advice here as ive not really dabbled in this area but if your looking to bang some websites out, find a host allowing you to host multiple sites/domains on the one hosting account as this will save you money in the long run.

    Install wordpress (its really simple to get to grips with as there are loads of tutorials out there) That way knowledge of coding etc is not needed! However if you're really stuck here you could outsource this work to someone on (there are plenty of wordpress set up gigs on there)

    Then its just a case of building the site up with quality content
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