How do i increase the traffic to my blogs

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I am really sad right now because of the fact that my blog is not receiving traffic on it for the past years.
I am a blogger that is passionate about it and I blog in the relationship niche, health niche and christian niche.

These are my blogs :-
Christian Marry
Information on Ebola Virus
Health Issues
Relationship & Dating

Please help to check them and give me recommendations on what to do.

Please I need serious recommendations on how to drive traffic to my blogs.
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    Based your statement.... I guess that you don't focus so why you don't receive traffic.

    I suggest you to focus one blogging and one niche. And looking for targeted traffic.

    Learn more about how to generate traffic toward your blog -
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    Having a powerful presence on the prominent social media websites is important for increasing traffic to your blogs. Create professional pages for your blogs on websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn along with the logo of your blog. Post updates with highly impressive images and catchy titles. People will slowly start taking interest in your social media profiles and thereby in your website.
    WordPress Tips by Resource9
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    I would do this:
    1) Just concentrate on one niche blog and get your own WordPress site for it.
    2) Add social media as advised by himanuzo.
    3) Your blogs seem to be based on your passions, this is fine but if you want to make money concentrate on problems people are trying to solve and will pay for.
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    social shares , forum & blogs marketing, web 2.0s , ppc , mailing, mail lists :?
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    The best way to make your website SEO friendly is to create a basic format for all of your pages and posts. When you get into the natural rhythm of writing titles in a certain format and incorporating certain information in the content of the post, SEO tasks will not be heavily time consuming they will become second nature. You'll actually be able to streamline the process of writing content for your site because you'll already know the elements you need to incorporate into your page to make people want to read your content and share it with others.
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    Originally Posted by adeyeye View Post

    Please I need serious recommendations on how to drive traffic to my blogs.
    This is the thread you need:

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      Hey adeyeye,
      Two of those blogs, Christian Marry and Relationships and Dating, have not been Posted on since Feb.21, 2014 and July 31st ,2012 respectively.

      You can not expect significant traffic with such dismal frequency in posting new articles

      - Robert Andrew
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    I think it has become a common problem for most of the blog owners. Income from blog is totally depends on its traffic. So it is really important. To increase the amount of traffic you may follow the following tactics.
    1.Target your Content to an audience likely to share
    2.Participate in diferent Communities
    3.Make Your Blog's Content SEO-Friendly
    4.Use Facebook,Twitter and Google+ to Share Your Posts
    5.Install Analytics and Pay Attention to the Results
    6.Keyword Research While Writing Your Posts
    7.Frequently Reference Your Own Posts and Those of Others
    8.Interact on Other Blogs' Comments
    9.Participate in Q+A Sites
    10.Survey Your Readers
    11.Add Value to a Popular Conversation

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    Check out "Launch Cam" as well! wanna be in the next show? go! catch me if you can! ;)

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      Mostly basic rules are listed here, yet people too often fail at basics. We use most of the things you mentioned and it helped us to increase our positions greatly.

      And about the topic itself - jezter6 nailed it

      "I looked at 1 site...the Ebola one.

      It's got what, 6 articles, and about 50 links to another of your blogs, disguised as links to credible sources.

      What about your sites DESERVES traffic? Think of that before you wonder why you're not magically getting tons of it just for putting text on a page."

      Too bad people do not care to read other people's comments, everybody just wants to put their 2 cents. so this thread is mostly useless
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    Content is king when it comes to blogs. Good content will always attract visitors and have them coming back for more. I agree it might be better to focus on one blog that you have the most passion for.
    Amazon repricing software that helps you win the Buy Box more often. eBay repricing also available.
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    I looked at 1 site...the Ebola one.

    It's got what, 6 articles, and about 50 links to another of your blogs, disguised as links to credible sources.

    What about your sites DESERVES traffic? Think of that before you wonder why you're not magically getting tons of it just for putting text on a page.
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    You need to be all over the web. Don't only focus on your blog posts.

    Have a huge social presence in social networks such as Facebook, twitter, tumblr, redit, Youtube etc...

    Dominating a traffic strategy is obviously a good idea but you need to consider about going viral all over the web. The more you spread out and publish your content, the more traffic you get.

    It's more simple than you think. Dont overcomplicate!
    Free 9-Day Bootcamp Training To Build Your Profitable Online Business!
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    I would suggest choosing only one niche and focus on it. Create a Youtube channel and create value driven videos and post them on your blog as well.

    People want to learn from and listen to people who give value. You must "give" in order to "get", especially online
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      I like creating Facebook/Tumblr/Twitter fan pages for each blog and syndicating each post to them. Then I go to other similar Facebook fan page, contribute some and include links to my fb page.

      Contact Me For Traffic To Your Program:
      Skype: Melomanace
      Email: carmelo @ globaltrustmedia .com

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    My traffic was flat dead but then reading this forum I found good ways to find traffic.
    Basically all I do is SMTG, it really works.

    Joe Falcade
    Make Money with

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    You should take a few weeks concentrating on one blog at first, and perform traffic building activities along SEO and non-SEO lines:

    1) SEO: Write a few new posts with solid on page SEO in mind--use well-researched keywords with decent search volume, proper density in the posts, include keyword in the title, url and image or video accompanying the content. Write at least one of the posts as an authoritative-sounding article of 1500 words on the niche topic.

    Tweak or update a few selected previous posts to improve their on page SEO as well. Interlink the selected old and new posts to each other, and to the root or target page. Then create about 10 quality, high authority backlinks for each of the selected pages you've optimized, and index them. In a few weeks, the rankings of each page per keyword should improve, which along with the interlinking should help each other and the root/target page rise to the top of the SERP.

    2) Non-SEO: Concentrate on both forum and site comments where you can leave links on niche-relevant pages. As this is an effort to get direct traffic via link throughs to your blog, not for ranking, the do-follow/no follow nature of the link issue is moot. Create a cute video for every few blog posts, that links to the blog. Then comment on related viral videos, linking to your own video.

    Where you can, get links up on a top 20 site on the web (say Yahoo Answers, wikipedia et al) that relates to your blog niche. Create a useful report, instagram, or app, make it a free download on the blog, then join or follow relevant communities on social media and invite/tweet/link to the download page.
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    To increase your blog traffic, you can do some SEO work. Make good metatag, use forum posting site to crease back link, use the social media page to increase your blog traffic. try to make good content. No plagiarism, please.
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    You can set up youtube videos with informatin pertaining to your blog then place a link in and under your video telling viewers to go to your blog for more info, you can post in facebook groups with links your blog, place links to your blog on twitter. You can also buy traffic to your blog and if you are not doing it you should place a subscribers pop up on your blog to start building a list and comunicating with you visitors through email.
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    Read this article by Mathew Woodward:

    How I Built A Top 100 Blog In 12 Months & How You Can Do It Too!

    You will get a lot of ideas from there.
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    (Works Even If You Have A Full Time Job And No Previous Experience)
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    Choose one niche and concentrate on it. You will make more money than your present situation
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    What have you been using for your traffic up to now? Seo, PPC,forum posting, social media, are all tools to generate traffic
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