How may blog posts to start earning online?

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How many blog posts do I need to start earning online through affiliate offers?
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    Your question is very general and difficult to answer. It depends on the niche that you have chosen, it depends on the competitors that you are up against and it depends on the number of searches on your chosen keywords and the profitability of CPC.

    However broadly I would always seek to create a blog that has 50 high quality blog posts or articles. There is no exact science however 50 Pages of high quality content which you can then promote through Internet marketing is likely to begin to generate a stream of income.

    Make sure that your articles or blog posts are unique and are not scraped from other sites. Avoid article directories for content. Either write on a topic that you are passionate about and have knowledge in or employ an experienced content writer, you can start by looking in the writing section of the WF forums here!
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    Originally Posted by nazarene023 View Post

    How may blog posts do I need to start earning online through affiliate offers?
    As lightly said, your earnings are not depends on blog post.
    There are many things to consider and calculate your earnings like

    a) Niche you have Selected.
    b) Strategy you have implemented to get Targeted visitors.
    c) Earning methods implemented in your website ( Ads, Affiliate websites, etc) .

    Hope this helps you.
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    Originally Posted by nazarene023 View Post

    How may blog posts do I need to start earning online through affiliate offers?
    focus on the quality on your posts and then on on quantity (with quality of course)
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    If you made one blog post that was really good and I mean really really good, then you could start to earn of just one post

    Maybe not from the search engines, but you could get traffic from authorities in your niche if you can somehow get them to read the post and then they can share it with there social followers..

    Getting them to read the post first would be the challenge, and also don't waste your time with an average post.
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    Its all depend on the niche environment and quality of the blog content. Make it sound with clear, unique and worthy information.
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    It depends on the quality of the post. Like, one post can be enough or 100 post can not be enough. Actually there is no accurate answer.
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    That's a difficult question. You can't say... OK after my 50th post I'll start earning! Blogging is a long process that requires patience.
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    It depends on a lot of factors.
    -Are you using SEO with these posts trying to rank in google for certain keywords?
    -Or do you have a different method of getting exposure for these articles?

    Ask yourself this question and have a plan before you start writing..
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    Originally Posted by nazarene023 View Post

    How may blog posts do I need to start earning online through affiliate offers?
    None: you can start earning online through affiliate offers without having a blog at all, if you want to.

    More importantly, be aware that publishing content just on your own blog is not a traffic-generation plan.

    The only traffic that's ever going to bring you, whether you have 3 posts or 300, is a little bit of gradual, eventual search-engine traffic, and that's exactly the kind of traffic that's least easily monetizable with affiliate offers, for all the reasons explained here.

    Whatever you do, you need a traffic-generation plan first. There's no money without traffic.

    It's not about "how much content you have". It's about who reads it.

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    Originally Posted by nazarene023 View Post

    How may blog posts do I need to start earning online through affiliate offers?
    Depending on your traffic source and quality and a couple of other factors even a single blog post can earn you money. Again if things aren't right a boatload of content won't make you a dime. So, at the end of the day it all boils down to the nature of your campaign and overall quality of everything.
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    This is a hard question, it really depend on the quality of the post.

    Here's an example: if you follow Matthew Woodward blog, you will notice he make less than 5 blog post per month but each of them are very high quality.

    And he make tons of recurring income just from these blog again and again.

    So ultimately it comes to the quality of your blog post.
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    it depends on how targeted your posts are and then how quality content ..
    you can use feedburner to have rss feed every morning
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    You can earn tens of thousands from one post. You just need to monetize it and get targeted traffic for less than you earn.
    How I hit $10,000+ per month very fast w/ 1 niche blog - Click Here to learn more (no opt-in).
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    Great advice from all the guys above.

    I'd say if Blogging is the platform you are going to use and you are talking about earning from traffic from Google then I'd say that from what I am finding lately adding regular content helps and once I reach around 50 good quality posts, my new posts are indexed quickly and tend to rank in the top 3 pages of Google for the keywords targeted.

    A lot of it though for me anyway is down to the 80/20 principal in that a few of my posts make me the most money and sometimes it is a lottery to which ones.
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    Can't wait to reach 50 plus. Sucks that you have to wait to get them indexed but that is good advice.


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    It isn't the number of blog posts, but the number of readers. Obviously writing more blog posts brings in more readers, but it all depends on a multitude of factors from whether you're writing interesting/good blog posts to whether you get good backlinks.

    Keep in mind that there are millions of people who are competing with you for attention, so don't think it will be easy. To be honest, I would suggest not to do it unless you just enjoy it. That's usually the best way to make money off of it. Readers can tell if you truly have a passion for the topic or not.
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    You don't need a website or blog to earn a nice income online.

    You can just pick an offer that you like and just drive traffic to it through paid ads.
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      There are easier ways to earn money online other than blogging because earnings are not something that happen over night.

      You literally need to create s**t hot quality content that will get your readers coming back to read more. The more content you have the more hooks you have in the water for the fish (visitors) to bite, The more visitors you have the greater the chance you have at earning some decent money.

      I have a friend who has made 6 figures in the last year and a bit from blogging (and there are some people who say blogging is dead ). They picked a niche they knew a lot about and pretty much made it a success by providing nothing but pure class authority content on a regular basis, been socially active but more importantly STUCK with it through the tough times and didnt move on to something else!

      Good luck
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