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So I'm working on a series called "4 weeks to a successful website" which would be 28 posts in 28 days on everything there is to building a successful and well thought out website using WordPress. I'm a bit of a perfectionist and would love to see some feedback on my 28 day plan and if I'm covering the best topics. So without further ado.

Week 1: planning to succeed
1. Defining the purpose of the site - Unique sales point
2. Defining your target audience
3. Researching competitors
4. Creating site architecture - defining technical requirements
5. Creating a content plan
6. Finding the perfect domain name
7. Web hosting/ installing wordpress
Week 2: Preparing Wordpress:
8: Getting the perfect theme
9: Plugins part 1: Akismet, Security, WooCommerce
10: Plugins part 2: SEO Yoast, w3 cache,
11: Plugins: adding a CDN
12: Changing the settings (front page, removing tags)
13: Adding Google analytics and webmasters
14: Finding photos and images
Week 3 Adding content
15:Creating your pages
16: Content overview
17: Content - Creating service page
18: Content - Creating an about page
19: Content - Creating blog posts
20: Content - creating a home page -slider
21: WooCommerce: Adding products
Week 4: preparing to launch
22: SEO - Local SEO part 1
23: SEO - Local SEO part 2
24: SEO - Finding Backlinks and bloggers
24: Google Business
25: Connecting social media
26:Setting up an email client
27: Checking the site for issues
28: Launch

So obviously the plan needs lot of work, and I really look forward to suggestions on the best plan possible.
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    So what happens on Day 29? Do you have another series for traffic?

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      Thanks, you've just put together a great post for me to write tomorrow. (I'm kidding! )

      It looks good and should be a good read, but as above what's your plan with the site after that?
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      Originally Posted by Rich Struck View Post

      So what happens on Day 29? Do you have another series for traffic?
      29. Go to WarriorForum and create the ten thousandth thread on finding free traffic.
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    I'm struggling with my blog too.... Thanks for sharing this... :-)
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    Great topics. I decided to start my own website a couple of months ago. Looks like I will be needing to do some tweaking. Thanks for the info.
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    I'd change it 28 hours to launching a website or even shorter. I think people wouldn't be interested in anything that takes 28 days.
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      Originally Posted by jgant View Post

      I'd change it 28 hours to launching a website or even shorter. I think people wouldn't be interested in anything that takes 28 days.
      The success rate of sites fully developed in just 28 hours is obviously going to be very low. But you're right, most newbies don't want to hear anything about 28 days. At that point you have to decide whether to sell them "28 hours" snake oil or just lay the truth out there and sell them on it. If you aren't capable of selling them on it, then I guess you lower yourself to selling snake oil.
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    After writing my review, I noticed it could easily be taken the wrong way if you didn't already know my very direct, very to the point, honest nature. So I added this in to let you know you're off to a great start, but a few small changes will make a huge impact.

    I shared those small changes below.

    The name could be a lot better, as mentioned. Depending on what you're doing with this content, that may or may not be a big deal.

    If you're planning on blogging this information and just putting it out there one day at a time over the next month, it's not that big of a deal as in comparison to offering it as a freebie giveaway or selling it as a course.

    I did notice you missed monetizing your site, and I didn't see anything about adding autoresponder code or building a list, which is vital to the long term success of a blog, and two of the main points I would consider necessary in teaching someone how to blog.

    So for me, I would be let down with the content and still left wondering, what about the important parts? Like the obvious traffic and content maintenance needed after setting up the basic pages to a website, which is what you're showing here.

    Ending it with 'launch' will leave a whole can of worms open for anyone taking action and following along, but maybe you have some great content planned there, or maybe you're using this to sell your traffic product? I'm not sure, but if not, having that info in there would be crucial to the people who truly want to succeed with a blog.

    Most importantly... there's no real mention of how to be SUCCESSFUL with the blog after the basics of setting it up is completed. You aren't under the impression to be successful with a website all you have to do is set up 5 or 6 pages, and then you're raking in the big bucks are you??? So why not get into the nitty gritty of what's REALLY needed to succeed with a site, afterall... telling people you'll show them how to blog successfully, that's exactly what they're expecting you to do.

    No matter if you're selling it or giving it away... your reputation will be on the line and it can be the difference between raving fans and a few idiots who don't know any better.

    It's either going to be a great way to show people you're knowledgeable and helpful or a great way to ruin your reputation with people who see it as rehashed content with no real delivery of your promise.

    And that's completely up to you which way it goes, but right now it's all promise and no delivery.

    I'm not saying it to hurt your feelings, but you asked for feedback, so I'm giving my honest opinion in hopes that you'll improve it and hopefully get a little more understanding about how to deliver high quality content instead of filler.

    I don't think you're foolish enough to believe if you followed these steps you'd have a successful site, do you?

    With what you have now, some one would have the foundation for a successful site.

    But what is a house with just a foundation? Is it a house? You wouldn't tell someone to come look at your awesome new house and show them a foundation would you?

    Remember, even if you aren't selling it, even if you're just giving it away... how let down will people be when they realize there's no directions, just the basics of getting started. Imagine if someone followed these steps, every step of the way... what result would they have at the end?

    Do you truly believe if someone followed these exact steps they would have a successful website?

    What if your own mother paid me her last $10,000 and I showed her how to build a successful blog with this information. If you looked at it, would you say... mum that's great advice! or would you cuss me in your sleep?

    Most people would be cussing!

    Anytime you tell some one you'll show them how to be SUCCESSFUL with something, you can't just tell them how to get started and then stop there. Especially with something like blogging where all the real work is done on the day to day basis after these basic set up steps are complete.

    Even if this is meant to be free, your reputation is on the line. If you're giving away crap for free why should I listen to anything you recommend or consider buying anything from you?

    Don't forget... you promised a successful blog. Not how to set up a website, but a successful blog.

    So your content must deliver on that promise, or you when you lay your head down on your pillow at night the only thing running through your head should be that you're the reason there's an FTC regulating the internet.

    You're off to a great start though, I'm sure this could read harsh, but it's true and needed said. You didn't show anyone how to succeed with their blog. You only showed how to get started. Fill in those gaps and there's no doubt you'll have a great product that delivers on it's promises OR be off to creating a great relationship with your readers. Good luck.
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    Awesome feedback, seriously that's exactly what I'm looking for. The goal of the plan is a comprehensive blog post series tailored for relative beginners who think "making a website is too hard" (honestly, the whole idea came from seeing people spend 2000$ on "Ultimate" courses and still know nothing"

    (Obviously this is nearly an altruistic thing and has nothing to do with me getting traffic and back links. )
    Its an excellent point that I will have to clarify to my future readers: this is just a starting point, success requires lots of work. Perhaps name it "get your business online in 28 days"
    Do you have any suggestions or changes on the content schedule?
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    depends what is your view from a successful website but you need more time to do it specially first step is too important
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    An excellent post. You have clearly researched this topic and personally I think that your 28 day plan is a fantastic idea. There are an awful lot of newbies who would benefit from a step-by-step approach.

    Perhaps days 29 could be about monitoring visitor traffic through Google analytics and then reviewing the site.

    Wishing you all the best with this user guide.
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    there are multiple items in your list that could be done in one day. What is the significance of 30 days?
    What happens after that?
    How will you drive traffic? Free or Paid?
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    Great idea. Great content! Keep it up
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    Yes, I think its a good idea. carry on on the right way.


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    Wonderful! Thanks a lot for sharing your SEO planning series over here. I am just a beginner into this SEO world and this series will help me to learn many more in SEO field. Keep posting if you have some more ideas and plans.

    Salma Ali

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