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Hey guys my friend is looking for a sale person Job bit he's looking to sell very expensive real offline items .
This guy is a selling machine . He's a general contractor . I have never ever seen someone with that much sales ability , but his main gift is in face to face sales , not online sales .

How do I find the. It's expensive offline items to sell.
He was already offered a job selling multi million dollar farm equipment but they wanted him to travel but he has 2 beautiful kids at home and he asked for a big up front bonus to make sure they are taken career as the job they offered him required him to be overseas 6 months out of the year.

If you guys know of any expensive machinery or items that require face to face sales please point me in that direction. This guy can sell water to a fish . I didn't believe him until I rode in the car with him while he was making rounds in his car.
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    The issue he's noticing with industrial equipment is he'll have to travel. It's not like textile factories pop up all over every city every week. The next factory might be in Beijing, or it might be in Chile.

    But farm equipment; stuff like combines generally sell from a dealership, so he realistically should be able to find something local that doesn't require too much travel if he's into that type of equipment.

    Commercial real estate is something he should definitely consider too. So is anything that has a residual commission, like insurance. No... insurance isn't glamorous, but there are plenty of 7 figure earners in the insurance industry who get their monthly checks on autopilot, lol. (but true)

    If he's into B2B he should consider selling Consulting services which easily sell in the thousands per month, and can be in the millions for larger deals.

    Also, where he's located could make a huge difference. Selling million dollar condos or yachts is possible in Miami, but not doable in Dallas.

    If you're in tornado alley, he can make a KILLING after storms selling fire/water restoration. I used to sell roofing that way and we could easily make 1-3 commission per day after a big storm. At $1,000 per pop, it makes for a few great weeks. But again, depending on where he lives that might require travel or it might not.

    Medical sales is a great industry. Again, insurance companies pick up the bill, just like with the storm work.

    Really anything to do with insurance will pay really well. And the training to be a seller is just a few short weeks. Especially if he's a closer, while insurance isn't a sexy job title, the residual commissions sure are.

    For anyone who's passionate about sales and just enjoys working with people and selling, I would recommend insurance because it's so easy to get training, jobs are everywhere, and if he's a great closer he can get appointments set up so all he has to do is show up and close... again, if that's what he's looking for... insurance would pay him residual commissions to do it.

    Then he could retire in a few years, or expand into his own agency and make more. Plus still have all that old income rolling in every month. Now days, insurance agencies have a whole line of financial products too, so he could easily move into upselling his clients really good products like life insurance that just make sense. Very easy sells, and often times people save money when switching too.

    Insurance would be my number 1 recommendation, if you couldn't tell already. From a stand point of someone who loves sales, residual commissions, easy sells, lots of upsell potential, and appointments set is as good as it gets.

    I know of several insurance sellers who are making mid 6 and 7 figure incomes.

    Anyway... that's my advice. I've done lots of sales and did a fair bit of research on good sales jobs in the past. Hopefully it helps.
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    Wow,thanks victor ,,great information ., I'm definately gonna show this post to him . I think he would be more interested in the yacht idea as his passion is to sell high ticket items like this.
    Thanks again my friend
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