Help. Is there a way to scan a site to see which ad network they're using?

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I am pretty dumb with this.

But here is my goal:

I want to buy ad space on people's websites that rank well for a niche I am in.
But some have ads that say adchoices and other stuff. I think this is related to google...?

Is tehre any online solution that wil scan sites for me and tell me what ad company they are working with to display ads on their site? What about a way to see what the advertisers are paying to get the ads on people's sites?

Is this considered Media buying? I assume so.. ?

Sorry I am totally foreign to this.

Up until this point all I've done is contacted people and had them put up banners directly and paid them a monthly amount.. But many people
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    I'm fairly sure that WhatRunsWhere will do most of this for you. They have a 3 day $1 trial.
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    Cool. Thanks. But from what I understood, Whatrunswhere was for investigating where my competitors are advertising. But I have not looked at it in a while.

    I want to know what system non-competitor sites in my niche are using to fill their advertising spots, so I can buy ads that will show on their sites.

    Will whatrunswhere work for that also?
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    I found the answer to my question, inc ase anyone is wondering:

    ghostery chrome plugin shows what platforms they're using.
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