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Hey guys,

I work for an IT company and we are setup with Google Analytics now and want to spend more time marketing online.

How do i know via Analytics exactly how someone got to our website (what keyword they use, did another site refer them, was it through Adwords/CPC)?

I'd like to build a baseline of metrics to use so I can analyze and improve. If there are tools you recommend, i'm open to those as well.
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    You can use Alexa - Actionable Analytics for the Web site. It is very helpful
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    Thanks Devlin.

    Did you use it and has it helped you?
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    Alexa And Histats are good option to track traffic apart from analytics
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    I am really looking to drill down and see if my organic seo and CPC are working.

    I am getting some traffic but Im not sure where people are coming from just yet. It would be nice to have these metrics so i can focus more on what's working and try and refine it.
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    You should be able to get the answers to most of those questions (if not all) from your Google Analytics account.

    I know there is a section that shows what keywords brought users to your site, and also the referring website.

    Just play around with it for a week and you will discover all the features.
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      the sources i use are google url shortener great demographcs great for affiliate programs

      and google's webmasters tools. for my websites

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    The information that you're looking for would be found under 'Acquisition' in Google Analytics. From there you can select 'all traffic' and scroll down to see where the source/medium of visitors came from, amongst other options. Although as Tim says above you should have a play with the features and you'll figure it out
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    the sources i use are google url shortener great demographcs great for affiliate programs
    Not great for affiliate programs at all. will disable most CB links instantly.

    OP, GA is the absolute worst IMO. I gave up on them long ago. There are many better analytics platforms available.

    drill down and see if my organic seo
    Google strips most keyword data so you will get a lot of Keyword not available or not set.
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    Depending on what form of advertising you are using - a great tracking software I used is AdTrackzGold.

    Let's say you begin advertising on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ - you can set up a specific link - so you know EXACTLY where the users came from (facebook, twitter or google+).

    You can also use it to track conversions etc.

    Highly recommended!

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    If you are using Google Analytics, you can easily track everything with the acquisition and behavior tab. This will show your traffic sources, keywords, what pages are being viewed, etc. Once I started getting the hang of Google Analytics, I never looked back. In my opinion best tool out there.

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    Google hides the keywords in GA if the user is logged in on Google (e.g. GMail or YouTube). So GA is primarily useful for the other metrics like flow through your website, referers and so on.

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