Is this site funny enough to be viral?

by eTEQ 16 replies
I am getting so overwhelmed with all the community websites so I thought I made my own facebook clone except the only requirement is that you have to be very drunk in your pictures/videos. now I think thats a different concept. people like see their peers messed up.... and no charges to post your pics and vids. It would be cool if this one got viral.
Here is it - A place for Drunks I hope it can become viral...

It still might have some bugs so please report anything broke..

or should I bury the idea totally? Maybe I'll put it on digg to hear what they have to say over there... What do you warriors think. funny or not?....

Joakim - A place for Drunks
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    I was going to take a look, but is there an option to look at the site or profiles without having to go through the registration process?
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    Man, I love humor more than most, but I'll bet you turn off a few folks here with that page.

    A little over the top for some, no doubt. It would have been nice to have been warned before clicking on that page.

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    I LOVE the whole idea!! I have known many a party animal that may need a little 'wake up' call. Keep up the great work! LQQK forward to seeing it grow!
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    Degrading and exploitative.

    - For your import/export/customs questions or problems, send PM.

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        Its supposed to be plain stupid. That's the whole point. Humor is contagious.

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      Originally Posted by Ricter View Post

      Degrading and exploitative.
      Exactly what I was looking for!
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