What is the best way to deliver video tutorials?

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What is the best way to deliver video tutorials? Please suggest any options other than membership sites and optimize press. I want to embed those videos in a page with a header.

Thanking you in advance
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    It really depends on the type of content you're looking to push out. Obviously Youtube is a great platform for building a following, promoting your links and URLs, and for allowing your content to be spread virally with the social share buttons below each video (also the videos can easily be embedded on any website)..

    I think many marketers look at Youtube as a cliche platform, but it's really powerful if you optimize your channels correctly..

    Sometimes, video marketers overlook Youtube, thinking that there must be some other super awesome platform but Youtube is perfect for video tutorials because it's an authority site, which means Google loves it and you get tons of targeted organic traffic (again, if you optimize your videos)

    Just my little rant.. haha

    If you're looking for somewhere to host with a header, I would definitely suggest wordpress with optimizepress. and I'm not sure why you don't want to use these platforms. Membership sites tend to do really well with tutorial videos because it makes upselling your viewers really easy..

    I'm not telling you to reconsider, just to think about what your end goal is with these tutorial videos..

    I hope this helps get the juices flowing!
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    My advice...

    Check codecanyon and i'm sure you will find a good script for your purpose
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    The Amazon platform is good and very cheap for video hosting.
    YouTube and also Kunaki for DVD delivery are another options that have worked well for me over the years.
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    It al depends on what your content is, and whether you are selling it or giving it away free.

    If it's free content, then YouTube win hands down IMHO. You can hire someone off fiverr to get your video to the top of the rankings quite quickly, and rapidly establish yourself as an authority in your niche.

    If you're selling the content, then you have several options available to you depending on whether you want to distribute your content as a digital download or as a physical product on DVD (or both).

    For a download, you can either have a protected area of your website, use a WP plug-in like Woocommerce or S2member, or a platform like Moodle. You can host the video files on your server or on Amazon S3. You can also host your course on Udemy.

    For physical distribution: Amazon CreateSpace is always a good option, as are duplicate on demand places like Vervante. One thing I don't recommend is duplicating the DVDs yourself. It can be very time consuming, in my experience.
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    I'd suggest YouTube (because it's free even for business use - unlike some other video hosting/streaming sites), it's easy to embed videos into your own webpages, and of course you'll gain a free backlink or two from youtube.com (which can't hurt!)
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    Thank you all. I’ve managed to do it with optimizepress. Don’t ask me to share the page, I can’t, coz that’s my next wso's thankyoupage.
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    Well done , Optimizepress can be daunting sometimes ha .
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  • You can download software for tutorial creation that will really helpful. I tried at once that was awesome and you can clearly record your voice with video.
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