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How can I.M.s take advantage of the Black Friday Sales frenzy? Please share your tactic for getting maximum sales on Black Friday.
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    Is Black Friday Nov 28, 2014?

    Promoting physical stuff on the internet.
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    From an SEO perspective it's no different to what you would normally do on a non Black Friday day. i know some people spend more on PPC campaigns around this time but to be honest I wouldn't because everyone else is also doing the same. You'll get more results for your PPC cash if you advertise on an alternative day as there is less competition and as such your adverts get noticed more. It's tge same principle with playing a lottery often people spend more on tickets when there is a bigger jackpot in the hope that they will win big! In actual fact it's better to spend more when there's a lower jackpot because fewer people enter and as such the chances if you winning are increased
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    What is black Friday ?
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    Two suggestions;

    Firstly, use the trending hashtags on Twitter etc on the day itself to promote a special "Black Friday" offer on your service/product - use hashtags like #BlackFriday #BlackFridayDeals, etc. This has worked for me in the past, and resulted in additional sales on Black Friday itself - plenty of people take to Twitter on Black Friday to find out what deals are out there.

    Secondly, look into "Black Friday Deals" listings websites - in the past few years, a number of these sites have sprung up, where they attempt to collate and list as many different Black Friday details that they know about from as many different online retailers as possible. Some of these sites also have a "Submit Deal"-type link allowing you to submit Black Friday Deals you've found on the internet which aren't listed on their site - use this to promote your Black Friday deal!
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    Originally Posted by anynewsbd View Post

    What is black Friday ?
    Let me google that for you

    Originally Posted by DURABLEOILCOM View Post

    Please share your tactic for getting maximum sales on Black Friday.
    There are a lot of suggestions here (though maybe it's early to be planning them for next year, while terribly late for this year, with only a couple of weeks to go??).






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    Promote products from Amazon commission junction, physical products primarily
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