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Hello, I am pravind Thakur. I am in warrior forum from more then one year.
I studied too many post about seo,article writing,click bank,flippa,feverr, and 10 to 15 book related to them.

I am from Nepal but studying computer engineering in Bangalore India, I don't have internate in my laptop. I use tablet and mobile phone for internate.

After long time I got my PayPal verified.

I am struggling to make my first earning with any of the methods.

I know HTML and can make a mobile site, and know internet general activities .

I wrote some article to my blog pin9211 dot blogspot dot com but that also didn't worked for me.

I know to edit apk data but cant create my own.

please tell me some suggestions to earn few bucks.

I will be in the class from 9 am to 5 pm and rest of the time I will be watching how to make money.

and I am not telling any thing fake you can watch my Facebook account

fb dot com /pin9211

Please reply some points which could realy help me to get right way to earn.Since one year I am here but did not got success.
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    Hey Pravind,

    There are hundreds of methods available to you. Given what I know about you from reading your post, here's an idea:

    Design mobile sites for local businesses. Setup your design site. Add a script so that visitors can input the URL of their desktop website and see what it looks like in mobile form (mobile simulator). Then sell them a mobile version. You can find potential clients from Adwords, FB, business directories. Simply copy and paste their URLs into your simulator. The websites that are not mobile ready, either give them a phone call, send an email, or pop round in person if they're very local. Tell them the advantages of a mobile optimized site, explain how having a separate mobile site is actually better than a merely responsive site. Of course, you can also offer back-end services to them. Think of all the web-related work you can do (or hire someone to do) and offer that. In web development, the money you make from design is minute compared to your add-on sales. What you need are regularly monthly payments coming in from clients. Maybe you can offer services (social media managements, seo, etc, etc) that you can outsource and profit from.

    Just one idea, but it seems to employ your strengths. Best of luck, buddy.


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    Thank you tom . I tried searching client for that but I didn't got it .

    I made a mobile site pin9211 dot wapka dot me

    By watching this you may know what quality I can make. I can't judge myself .
    plz review it and tell me that am I good for creating WAP page or should I do something else.
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    one thing I forget to tell is I know c programming very well.
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    You have the technical skills, Pravind. You just need to apply yourself more to visual design. What I'd do is look at the mobile themes available on Theme Forest. I would say creating such a design from scratch would not be productive. What you're really trying to do is encourage monthly retainers, more so than initial sales. If businesses in your area can afford it, what I'd do is offer them web designs based upon premium themes. So, let's say you can buy a mobile theme for $20. You can then charge a marked up price for the service:

    - WP Installation
    - Changing Domain Nameservers
    - Premium Theme Branding
    - Logo
    - Plugin Installations
    - Content
    - On-Page SEO.

    When they're happy with that, you have a paying contact. If you have experience in SEO or any form of internet marketing, or if you feel capable of outsourcing these services but selling them as part of your business, then you encourage them to hire you on a monthly basis.


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    With you being a coder, maybe you can also look at another niche. MMO. Perhaps you can make online marketing software. Another good business. Here you can charge a one-time fee or monthly membership to use the software.


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    Thank you . I am trying those thing so far.
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    I have so many suggestion for you.

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    Listen, GRM is your biggest ally here. I am too. Do what he says..... I say same.
    "Hybrid Method" Gets 120,846 TARGETED VISITORS
    To Any Site in ANY NICHE!

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      After catching up with an old friend who has achieved some cracking success online with just ONE project that they have really turned in to something fantastic over the course of just 15 months i can advise you

      1. Pick a niche, (added bonus if its something you know a lot about, that is monetisable)
      2. Create great content, not just shabby crap that is built for search engines.
      3. Update your blog on a regular basis
      4. Get active with like minded people on the social scene and do some hard work (REALLY IMPORTANT)
      5. When your visitor stats and earning stats are low,dont give up, WORK EVEN HARDER
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    Good post. Stick with what you know & try to master it. Easier than trying a dozen things you have to learn about at one time.


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    Thank you very much everyone . I just restarted my blog.
    I will be writing 2 to 3 post each week.And try to build an optimized blog. After a month I will try for AdSense again.Lets hope everything goes well.

    can any blogger review this and tell me what is missing to approve my blog to AdSense.
    blog is pin9211 dot blogspot dot com .

    Thanks once again every one.
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    Learn - Learn - Action

    You said that you have studied too many post about seo,article writing,click bank,flippa,fiverr, and 10 to 15 book related to them.

    My question is: Have you try to take action with whatever you have learned in WF post?
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    ya I took action. First was amazon affiliate link on my site . But no sells.

    Than I started a blog called pin9211 dot blogspot dot com

    I sent it for AdSense for approval thrice but didn't got approved.

    By so many hit and trial I got my PayPal approved from bank.

    I tried likesasap dot com and earned 1 $ and sent it to my PayPal to see how it works. it gave me 0.48 in my PayPal which got auto withdraw to my bank according to Indian govt. ploicy. But there is no more work on likesasap . I keep checking every time.

    I tried PTC site like paid vert but it gives 1$ for 100000 clicks. and I can click only 200 or something adv.

    Now again returning to my blog because I didn't wrote too many post before sending for approval. May be this might help me.
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    I am Web Developer and I create a Mobile application

    Mobile application development provides the users real-time access. Mobile app sector is growing dramatically. This is just because the rate of smart phone sales is much higher than that of desk top PCs or laptops. Studies have revealed that the sale is more than PCs.

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    nice sgin. But I am not a expert in those just a normal newbies .
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    Hi...you may offer your service on warrior for hire or design mobile template and then offer it as wso
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    It seems like you have a good technical skillset to start from as a foundation. You are already ahead of TONS of people when it comes to making money online just by knowing HTML.

    My best advice is to see what types of software type products/apps are in demand. What are people buying like crazy? Study top selling software products on JVZoo and other sites.

    Continue to build your skills so you can develop software/web applications of the same caliber.

    Once you've become an expert, you can develop and sell software directly to marketers or learn how to sell them yourself.

    It sounds easier than it is, but people who are experts spend thousands of hours studying and practicing their craft. You have to do the same.

    The point is that no matter what area you choose to develop expertise in, if you can provide something of value to people and solve their problems, and be able to communicate to them that you have the solution to their problems, they will buy your stuff.
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    carter you are right and I am following you.
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    I suggest investing into the War Room membership,

    It's a bit expensive, but it's totally worth it.

    You will get so many ideas buzzing in your head it's not even funny.

    Good luck!

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    The amount of skills you know maybe you should try earning extra income online through sites like elance.com as well.
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    I noticed on this site people really respond to very basic questions but when I post
    Something significant about a specific process it gets 1-2 replies. Beats me.
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    skyro I recently joined feverr and freelancer . But not yet posted any skill. Let see what happens next.
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