Anyone Else Having A Problem With GoDaddy This Morning?

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hey everyone, I was just wondering if anyone else is experiencing problems with GoDaddy this morning? the main site doesn't seem to be working... and all of my sites that I have hosted through them are not working...

Anyone else having this problem or is it just me? :confused:
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    Working fine here. What's one of your sites and I'll check that for you.
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    It's working....
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      Hi Mark -

      I'm also having problems with not just GoDaddy - but a few different sites.
      I'm in MA, so perhaps its a "Regional" type problem?

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    I just contacted Verizon who is my Internet provider and I was told it is a network wide problem that should be resolved within 24-48 hours. (this was after I spent 30 minutes with a tech support guy from India)

    So if you are on Verizon DO NOT PANIC... REMAIN CALM...
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    Actually its seems like Hostgator is also having problems. Maybe regional I don't know but none of their stuff seems to be working.

    I have Verizon too. You mean for the next day or two I may not be able to get to any of my sites??

    God I really Love Verizon lately!!!


    Changing Life for my family "One" Click at a time.

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    There have been some massive denial of service attacks against the Feds and some commercial enterprises over the last couple of days. Some gov't websites have been down for two days and still suffer limited access.

    I would presume your problems may be fallout from this.

    Dave G.
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