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I created a few pages on NichePage about a year ago and the results were surprisingly pretty decent. This was my first attempt at affiliate marketing but I did do a lot of research before choosing my niche topic. My most successful page was "Best Blender for Smoothies". I created the page and posted some links to it on some relevant forums and discussions and checked in every now and then to see what was happening. I averaged about $40 a month from that one page and over the course of a year the results were consistent. Made around $400 throughout the year with just the blender page alone. My other pages had decent results but not as good as the blender page.

I received an email from NichePage saying they are allowing users to keep 100%
of their earnings for sharing the site with others. They said to email the link of the call out to them at along with your username and you get to keep 100% of the earnings off your niche up until April 2015. The usual split is 60 for users and 40 for NP.

Anyone else here have success from using writing platforms to earn from affiliate marketing?
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