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by JB
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Hi Everyone,

I have a nice 4 letter domain name that I want to sell but I've never gone through this process before.
It seems as though Flippa is the best option(?) but I'm unfamiliar with the process. They want a fairly hefty upfront listing fee of $349 to make it a premium listing. Does anyone with experience know if this is worth the spend or not?

The domain is (Internet Marketing and WordPress acronyms), I assume it would be a good domain for an IM site that targets WP users so I would hope that it holds some value.

I've also heard good things about SEDO and have also read here that some guys use Ebay exclusively. Is Flippa the best for this type of domain and if so, how long is best for auction listing?

I would really appreciate any advice,



PS this post isn't meant to as an attempt to drive traffic to a listing, I'm just looking for advice from anyone who has successfully traded domains before.
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    It's a very good domain name. The fact that it is a four letter .COM gives it intrinsic value, but the trick is to get it in front of the specific people who REALLY want it.

    Using Flippa can be good, but you'll mostly get low bids from drive-by pokers. And, for that to be effective, you need more than one seriously interested buyer, so a bidding war is started. In my opinion, Flippa is not very effective for domain sales, unless you're prepared to drive targeted traffic to your listing to create the needed excitement.

    Listing at Sedo is a good idea, because the listing is free and long-term. It's a very passive way to sell, so don't expect much activity quickly. It may be months or years before the right set of eyeballs finds your domain. But at least you're getting exposure.

    The most effective approach to selling domains is to be proactive in seeking out potential buyers, and contacting them one on one. It can be a lot of work, but all you need is one good buyer.

    Search Google (and other SEs) for "IMWP". You'll find potential buyers. Here's one that could turn out to have potential interest: - That's just one out of many you can approach.

    While we as marketers automatically think "IM"=Internet Marketing and "WP"=WordPress, it is unlikely you'll find an internet marketer who will pay you what this domain could be worth to traditional businesses.
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      Thanks for the reply Gene, SEDO is one that I also looked at - in fact I have bought through them myself in the past. Am I right in thinking that Flippa is best for established websites that are already generating traffic? I'm just putting a splashpage together now for so up until now there hasn't been any traffic at all... Good tip on looking up established businesses that already use IMWP in their marketing.
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        Thanks Colin, I'll check those links out!
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    Hey Dave! nice domain you got on your hands there mate I'd probably avoid eBay, I've not personally heard any longterm success stories using that particular source.

    However, you mentioned SEDO which is pretty cool... worth having your domain parked with them or at least register and list your domain on their marketplace, I believe that it's still FREE!

    ..and the other two options you should keep in mind and worth checking out are:

    they're pretty helpful sites that will get you started, you can always check out digital point too...

    but seems a little shady the way some of them do business on there so be careful!

    all the best, hope you get some nice coin for that domain
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    You could also try the Freemarket section in this forum.

    Cheers, Laurence. Read my Warriors for Hire ad.
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    JB, your best bet is making direct contact with potential buyers.

    Flippa is replete with buyers, yes, but the majority will low-ball you. Sedo, where you can actually often get market worth, will take time to secure it. In domaining, you'll often need to hold onto a domain for years before securing an appropriate offer. I'm not a fan of the waiting game. I'd rather make sales every day, or every other day.

    Get yourself a reputable valuation, source potential buyers, use psychological pricing, make direct contact, and use Escrow.


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    As the premium listing rate is high, so no need to the premium listing in the flippa. Beside the flippa, you can see the digital points. It also good to sell & buy website or, Domain. Thanks.
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