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Hello, I started a web design business just a week ago and I have friends that only want a facebook store not their own website. I think some people feel it's easier to have facebook social shop than a website, it's kinda uneducated (small town feeling)

I was wondering what I could charge for that? I see ecommerce websites go for $1,000 dollars easy, but this is only a facebook front. Maybe $139??

I can't see anyone else marketing facebook stores, but I can do some more digging.

Would marketing a facebook shop be worth it or should only present a website service with an option to have it on facebook??? I like both separately.

Also, I'll be using shopify platform to build it. Does anyone have experience with their partner program? I'm used to wordpress, but I can't build with wordpress on facebook with an actually website.

Let me know what you're suggestions are!!
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    I suggest starting lower first and going high later.

    Maybe try out that $139. Get some customers. Get testimonials.

    When you have 5 testimonials you can start charging $239

    And once you have 20 testimonials or so maybe you could go up to $449 or so...

    Try it out with lower prices first and then go higher. Social proof sells like crazy!

    If your design is good quality then you will get good testimonials and more orders.

    So don't forget about the quality

    Good luck,

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    You have to weigh up prices in your locality. I could quote you one price for London, another for NYC, yet another for Wallace, Idaho. It's really the only way, buddy. Selling social skins is really not so bad. Often their reasoning is simply a desire to get their feet wet in the online world. When they begin to receive sales from FB, you just explain to them how being retina ready, responsive, mobile optimized, etc, etc, will help them.


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      What type of software do you use to build facebook stores?
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        Originally Posted by Rhoda1990 View Post

        What type of software do you use to build facebook stores?
        Check this page out

        How To Set Up a Facebook Store To Sell On Facebook

        Good luck,

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          I like your post! By the way, what do you think a Facebook store is worth? I might add a section/page to my web design blog hotdesignsbyrhoda.com about do it yourself web design like your page. I think I should change the colors. Let me know what you think? Maybe we can Skype?
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    The simple answer is to get out there on the internet and see what your competitors are charging. Those people are actually in the business of setting up ecommerce and Facebook shops every day and would have a more realistic idea about what to charge. The bad thing about charging a super low price up front is how it instantly tarnishes your credibility with a potential customer. Your customer isn't thinking how much money you can save them, but what results you can provide. Being that cheap provider isn't going to get you very far, but showing your potential customer what you can do for them and how that will result in increased revenue will.
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    You can get a WordPress shot up literally in one day. It's always better to have your own site.

    On the whole, you get what you pay for.

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      I agree! But most clients don't seem to care really. They love the idea of selling on Facebook. So, I'll go ahead and charge $149 for a shop even if it only takes me 15 minutes!
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