Launching an online product on christmas?

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Hello folks,

We have been developing a new product for 5 months and we've just finished the dev, however, we see that our launch date is going to be close to the holidays, Christmas and new year's eve.

I was wondering if launching late in December (later than December 15th) is a good idea.

Knowing that we have a list of buyers and affiliates and we're in the WP Plugins/IM niche, will the chances of selling in this period be the same as on the regular days? Or is there an advantage/disadvantage to this period?

We'll launch on JVzoo and ClickBank.

Thank you.
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    i don't know about anybody else but that's when everone is broke
    due to buying loved ones chrissy presents
    but then again it's up to you
    your product you can test it out

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    It depends.

    Let's begin by stating the obvious: some products sell better around the holidays.

    Christmas in the IM niche can go either way. If your product can allow buyers to see significant ROIs in time for Christmas, then it's actually a good idea to launch around this time. If the opposite is true, you need to rethink your launch date if you hope to see the type of returns you could expect, say, in June or July.

    The question is, does it matter if you don't get the type of returns you would at a better time of year?


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    You can launch your product as soon as January 1st comes. This is the best month of the year for the work at home niche because people have spent a lot of money for Christmas related "stuff" and are in need of making money online.
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    Thank you guys. Guess we'll launch as early in December as possible.
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    Well personally, the holiday mood is strong during the Christmas period and ppl tend to spend with their love on instead of looking at the computer and buying launches. Just my thoughts
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