Which of these builds more credential? Being Interviewed by Someone or Interviewing Someone?

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Hi all,

I want to know which one builds more credential for me....Launching an interview tours where I get interviews by bloggers, content creators etc or launching a podcast where I interview experts from my niche.

I see that both seems to be viable, but I want to hear from the veterans here.
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    Here's a thought.

    getting interviewed would be good, if you know what you're talking about and have proof that you do what you say.

    However, you are only one person and can give only so many "angles". By interviewing many subjects, you don't have to be the expert. You can simply interview many experts, with many different angles, and get way more (hopefully) quality content.

    Many people make a good living by simply interviewing the experts and NOT being the expert themselves.

    Robert C.


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      Obvious it leads to more credibility by getting interviewed, depending on who of course.

      Unless you get to interview someone very exclusive.

      Currently I'm getting bored to death from these podcasts, same like repeating the same old blog posts they are now doing the same in a podcast format and mostly it's the same clique in IM, like Spencer, AdsenseFlippers, Hayden, Matthew and a couple of others. Kind of dull stuff. Yes they are successful with their blogs but that's about it, I don't see any of them post or talk about real expert knowledge.

      To me it seems all a bit like wannabee stuff.

      What I would like to see for example, an interview with the head of SEO from Amazon or the conversion expert at Best Buy or something like that. Maybe I should get out of the IM niche and start reading real marketing blogs and not by my "crappy keyword research tool that doesn't deal with the most basic SEO concepts" or "buy my over priced domains that you can easily pick up for $10 elsewhere" or "super high quality high PR blog posts on my network that just got deindexed so now read my post that you should never use PBN's". What a bunch of.....
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        Getting interviewed gives instant credibility because at least 1 person wants to know what you have to offer..so to speak.
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          Originally Posted by eric w View Post

          Getting interviewed gives instant credibility because at least 1 person wants to know what you have to offer..so to speak.
          This is true because if you are viewed as the one who is giving answers to the questions, then in the viewers mind, you're someone who knows more than a majority of others on that topic (even if you really don't).

          It's all about positioning and leverage. Learn to position yourself as an authority, respond to people's questions when they ask, and you just hit the nail on the head. An accessible authority figure is what all newbies, students, and even advanced marketers want.

          They're all looking for that connection.
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    Thanks guys, that validates my idea of getting interviews too rather than interviewing others. would like to hear from more ppl....
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    I think that getting interviewed would give you more credibility. However, if you're doing the interviewing, the way to build credibility would be to come up with interview questions that show that you know your topic, as well as questions that would not necessarily be asked by any random person.
    Of course, this would have more of an impact in a niche that has specific jargon or other details that only someone who is part of the group would understand.
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