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First of all I'm a dummy person in writing software codes and how to create them,
I discovered a very advanced way for writing unique articles, and for this method I use a software that not related by anyway to that niche.
Even the developer of that software don't know that use as it is just one step from many steps.
I found that by editing the software , it will be a magic tool for writing unique articles.
My question is:
How can I make a software like that I use?
Can I hire a freelancer to do that, and what minimum price?
Can I contact the software developer and buy from him the source code or the private label rights of that ? (sorry I don't know but I think it's like digital products)
i.e: How to create my software idea?
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    I have my doubts that they are all going to be 100% unique articles, but to answer your questions, yes, you can do pretty much either of those:

    -try to contact the programmer and buy the source code.
    -hire a freelancer to design a similar software that does the same thing.

    As far as how much to offer the original programmer or freelancer, there are several factors.

    For the original programmer, I would ask him if he's even willing to sell the source code with full rights, and for how much....then you could return with your counter-offer.

    If hiring a freelancer, I would go to a place like or odesk or something and just post your job there with how much you're willing to pay. If you don't get enough bids, I would consider raising your offer. It's kind of tricky to judge price when looking at feedback, although, I would definitely use that as a factor when hiring. A freelancer with a high feedback score might command a higher price because they have the reputation to back them, but then, they might also have the resources to have many programmers working for them and keep prices low to compete.

    The only way to know is to get it out there and find out what happens.
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