What are your goals before the year ends? - New Years Resolutions!

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I find it amazing how a lot of people forget to make goals for the end of the year.

Even though it's amazing to have goals for the New Year, you should definitely make a few goals for the end of this year. There's only a few weeks left before the final month hits. December and Christmas are just right around the corner.

Isn't there something you'd like to accomplish before the year begins?

And lastly, what goals do you have for your IM career in the New Year?
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    I just wish to get even one article writing deal before the year ends. I'm keeping my spirits high!
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    Years are only arbitrarily stablished time intervals.
    Any serious business has its own calendars: If you need X done in one month it doesn't matter if in 30 days it's the 1st or the 15th of January.

    Particularly, what is my next goal to accomplish by the end of the year? Release my new big project, with my business plan fully designed, my products and audiences targeted, site running and starting to index it's initial high quality content. Also start building relationships and potential syndication and marketing partners within this year (which I'm already doing).

    For the next year? Continue the development of this project, start building a list and start earning money.
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    This is lame, so apologies in advance: To find time to hang out with the family at the key times; putting up the tree, watching It's a Wonderful Life, and so forth. My business is running well, well-oiled machine, but I'm a workaholic and it's never more apparent than this time of year.


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    I'm hoping to simply be making more money than I am now.
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    Of course, I have a new goal. I have to improve my current business. I have to earn a handsome amount of money to make a trip. last year I went CHINA, I would like to go Thailand or Malaysia in this year by earning from my business. Before going CHINA, I went India. Every year I go to a new country. It is my pleasure to make trip in every earn in new country.


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    Hoping to get more conversion for my drop shipping site.
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    My goal is to work on my project and launching it in December.
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    I am so glad that everybody here is having goals even in this time. Go for it all you guys. You can still accomplish so much in this year before it all ends.
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    I think that new year's goals are the most underachieved goals in the whole wide world.

    People just make new promises and goals in a hope of a better year.

    They just set goals because it's new year's eve.

    Without even thinking it through.

    Just because its 31 december doesn't mean that you will become superman on 1st of january.

    Don't just do it on new year's eve.

    Always Be Setting Goals

    Always Be Achieving Goals

    Always move forward.

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    I'm hoping to get my new website up and running properly because my last one didn't work out to well.

    Wicked Gadgets is the place to find Cool gadgets so if your looking for cool things to buy online come and check us out :)

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    1 month and a half aye? Let's go for $40,000!
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    Same old same old for me. 1 goal in particular... get more rest. Right now i spend about 2 hours a day on my site... i want to reduce that to 1 hour per day. I'm sure it'll happen... especially if my girl keeps *rewarding* me everyday cause of the fact that she aint got to work no more lol.
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    got to open an offline store
    wish me success would you
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