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I wrote a script that might be useful to the warriors:

Domain Name Generator

Please let me know what you think.

It allows you to take some seed words based on research, then tumble the domains to generate a long list of possible good names. Then it links over to a bulk registration page and godaddy so you can test 500 domains at a time to see which are good.

It allows you very quickly find excellent domain names.
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    Nice man, thanks a lot! I definitely book marked it!
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    Bookmarked; many thanks James!

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      Thank you for the feedback. Anything in particular that you'd like to see it do?

      Currently it tumbles domains as:
      city keyword
      keyword city
      city keyword modifier

      Any other common methods of tumbling you would like to see?

      It also sorts by shortest domain first as I figured those might be the most valuable.

      Thank you for feedback.
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    Great little tool James, thanks for sharing!!!


    Cheers, Pete
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    Nicely done. UI could be improved a little bit though
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      I updated the UI a bit, added more help/tutorials and more functionality. I also automated the domain checking process a bit more and raised the limits on how many phrases it can spew...

      Find Good Domain Names - Domain Name Generator

      And ... now it has a sales pitch on it - but it's still free and works great.

      Any comments would be appreciated.

      Originally Posted by Stephen Root View Post

      Nicely done. UI could be improved a little bit though
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    That's one great tool...I bookmarked it instantly and took it for a test drive. thanks...
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    Yes, graphic design is my shortcoming. I'm always looking for people that are willing to do design so I can code back end stuff. Right brain / left brain type of thing you know?

    Thank you everyone for the comments.
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    It's not working, when I entered my keywords it just takes me back to the original page after I clicked on the generate button.

    You need a clear button to remove what is already there.
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    There are error messages - like if you used too many words for example. Do you see an error message?

    I can add a "clear" button - thank you for the suggestion.
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    James, very cool! Thanks for sharing it..

    I don't have anything to offer, but have a great day anyway!

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    I've completely redone it and added valuable lists of prefixes and suffixes as well as fixed some bugs in Internet Explorer and bugs if fields are empty. I would really like feedback on if it helps you or - or if there are things that you would like it to do.

    I've added tutorials that show how to do keyword niche research too. If anyone has things to add, or interface suggestions that would help them please let me know.
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    another great keyword tool I've just found!
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