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Just wanted to check the general opinion on which is best to focus on as an affiliate.

It seems to me that JVZoo has way more products but it is harder to get approved to sell them.

Currently using both but find Clickbank a bit easier due to the rankings.

Does one or the other actually control the quality of the products that are being marketed or is it a free for all?
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    JVZoo is more of a free-for-all than Clickbank. I like JVZoo because you keep more of what you earn as a vendor or affiliate. However, as an affiliate, you're at the mercy of the vendor, who chooses when to pay you. Typically, you will not get instant commissions. Be sure to explain exactly what you will do to promote the products when you apply as an affiliate. I know that I turn down anyone that gives vague, useless, or blank responses.

    With Clickbank, they take a larger portion of your earnings as both a vendor and an affiliate. I don't like this. However, the quality of products on CB has been higher than what I've seen on JVZ {in my experience}.

    Using both is fine and they each have their pros and cons. JVZ is probably better becasue you can create a complete sales funnel as a vendor, and you get paid faster as an affiliate than you do with CB.

    For example, many noobs are disgruntled by the consumer distribution requirement that CB has.

    Hope this helps.
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      Originally Posted by Roth View Post

      many noobs are disgruntled by the consumer distribution requirement that CB has.
      That's quite true, but those newbies are usually the ones who don't understand why the customer distribution requirement is there and how it actually protects affiliates (and are probably the ones who tend to make very few sales anyway).

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      I agree with Roth in that they both have pros and cons. If you spend much time with either platform you will notice that they really are different and their their audience (and those that are vendors) has it's own dynamic.

      The comment I want to make about your thread was the fact that I've seen top quality and very poor quality products being sold on both JVZoo and Clickbank.

      You asked: "Does one or the other actually control the quality of the products that are being marketed?"

      Personally, I don't think either one controls quality very well . . . but I can't say that it's their responsibility to do so either. As quality is a very subjective thing, it would be nearly impossible for the platform to make that judgment for every product they listed. My guess is (and it's only a guess - I could not give specifics): JVZoo, overall, has fewer totally useless products than Clickbank . . . but that's just a guess from what I've seen.


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    Definitely a topic of interest I started getting emails promoting clickbank university, they have a compelling presentation and its exciting, but is it really the right path?

    JVzoo may be getting a lot more traction in the marketplace and this clickbank university may be a significant shot across the bow of JVzoo, both companies have weaknesses.
    Clickbank is confusing and difficult to use, (why else would they be selling you access to their University if it were easy to use their system there would be no need for a university)

    Jvzoo also has some weaknesses, some of them are the same as clickbank, inferior products, some frauds selling products that legitimately belong to other people.
    So both companies are only as good as the vendors that sell products.

    (clickbank has an upfront fee) (or they did have I think its likely they still charge you up front to list a product)

    JVzoo seems more user friendly all though I have seen some products that had "Technical issues" probably user related, (not understanding the system and how to use it)
    Still when you look at the presentation its hard to not hit the buy button which makes you wonder, are they really "so into" helping you make money or are they more interested in making money from you wanting to make money...
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    You should be able to make sales with both. At the end of the day, you only have 1 affiliate at a link to promote. So build a list, etc... and get it poppin. Don't waste too much time on this *dilemma*. Personally i like to deal with Clickbank. I don't get the customer name from each sale as an affiliate, but it's cool because when i do promote Clickbank affiliate products... i pay no money for advertising - so it's all 100% profit for me. This happens when i need a product to promote to my email list.
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    Quick follow up, on the idea of quality, (I think it is going to become a big issue for both of these companies,) There is a responsibility to enforce obvious issues and problems that might arise.

    The one problem and its a huge one for clickbank is the idea that they profit when someone lists a product for sale, so there is a conflict of interest there, this issue has improved over the years but its certainly not enough of an improvement.

    JVzoo acts proactively, when they can do so and that is an advantage.

    For many years now in the US, there has been a move to "protect consumers" from fraud and misguided product or promises that clearly do not deliver what they promote.

    Eventually there will come a time of reckoning, I believe that legally a company has a "duty" to protect the customers that purchase items sold on its platform.

    Ebay went through this issue some time ago and at first they adopted the idea that they were not responsible for the actions of sellers on ebay.
    This "were just providing a service and are not responsible for anything said or done on our platform" was successfully litigated and ebay realized once they woke up that they did have a duty to do the right thing and they had a duty to provide a consumer mechanism for communicating when something was obviously wrong.

    (mostly it was canned messages and often nothing significant happened)
    But that changed over time and ebay grew because they were able to grow in the right way and act to protect consumers when it was possible, and slowly they were able to weed out the fraud and criminals that were present at the start of ebay.

    Its not perfect but its certainly something that both of these companies jvzoo and clickbank should take serious notice of, its an opportunity to study what the big boys did to stay out of legal hot water...
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    I would say if you are a beginner you should focus more on clickbank...just my opinion
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      As a beginner , i love JVZoo ,I have done many products launch on JVZoo on behalf of my JV partner and clients.

      Clickbank look very complicated to me (my personal view ) but i am doing JVs there also .

      I will suggest to start with JVZoo for any product creator or affiliate, once you have got enough experience here ,you can move to other platforms also like clickbank.

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    I prefer JVzoo for IM product launch and Clickbank for other mega niches like dating or weight loss..
    Also JVzoo understand better internet marketing community and it's cheaper than Clickbank but Clickbank can get you army of affiliate much easier and offer better tools to analyze products before you promote any.

    *Based on my experience with both networks.
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    ONE BIG THING - JVZOO payments delay and many times they don't pay, I am openly saying Vendors scam affiliates manytimes!

    what's your opinion?
    might be I may be wrong.
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    One big difference I notice between JVZoo and Clickbank is that JVZoo has a greater popularity in the IM niche, at least until recently when CB started banning scammers from the website.

    On the other hand CB keeps it's popularity over JVZoo about most other niches like "lose weight", "self-help" and so on...
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    Hi mauricep

    I am an affiliate for both and I just started creating my own products too.

    I had the choice between JVZoo and Clickbank and I chose JVZoo for the following reasons:

    It was NOT hard to get my products approved, I just had to make sure my products had a sales page with JVZoo buttons, that the products are hosted on a thank you page, put in price and they get approved like in no time, there was a time one required more time to get a approved, I contacted support and they approved it faster.

    I can now offer affiliate I know instant paypal commissions which is great for affiliates. Although it can be risky for affiliates you don't know so it could be better to set them to delayed till after the refund period. But yeah JVZoo rocks honestly, made my first sale a few days ago and the affiliate got paid instantly.

    I do promote clickbank products too but I just the instant paypal commissions offered by JVZoo.
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    Jvzoo is great for newbies. and No cost to list your product. But Clickbank is bigger place with big affiliates.
    For IM niche recommend JVzoo and Other niches Clickbank

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  • How can people compare JVzoo and Clickbank? They are completely different: with JVzoo you process through your own Paypal account, whereas with Clickbank you process through theirs. That in itself makes a whole lot of difference.
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    Clickbank is becoming more proactive. The CB University is impressive and will help thousands of people make money. Well impressed!
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    I prefer the one that has the product I want to promote


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    I use both but have been moving more and more to JVZ. Mostly because CB have blown off concerns I've recently brought to their attention. I have completely lost faith in their analytics.
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    I like the Clickbank University & products more though. Just look up top rated clickbank products of 2014 & you can find their best sellers


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