How to let people set and track goals on the site

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I'm building a site for someone who wants people to be able to set and track goals.

It's a site where people will be committing to walk a certain number of miles each month. Users need to be able to:
- input their goal for the month
- add the number of miles they walk each day

Any thoughts on the best plugins (or anything else) to accomplish this?
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    Great thought BTW I use an iphone app to track it and a web version would be benifitial.

    I wish you Good Luck
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    Google Analytics allows for goal tracking. Google the phrase "goal tracking with Google Analytics". There should be a wealth of information online to get you started in the right direction.
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      Thanks for the tip, but I'm not looking for Google analytic goals - I'm looking for "how to let people set and track goals on the site". Any ideas?
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    Sounds like you'll want custom programming to make this work well. No doubt you don't just want a couple boxes for people to input stuff but rather a goal for the week, progress bar, reminders if they're behind or something, etc etc. You'll also need people to create accounts or tie into your existing authentication system.

    Best to spec out exactly how you want it to work and look at hiring someone on odesk, freelancer or similar site.

    There might be a plugin (Plugin to what? are you using WP? Drupal? Something else?) or a script out there that has some functionality that you want but I suspect you'll want to customize it anyway so why not start from scratch and build what you want instead of hacking through what someone else wanted.
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