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Hey Guys!

I'm in an interesting situation.
I'm a freelance web designer/programmer for clients but every now and then I buy a few domain names for myself and design sites so that I can make some money. I need to know if my ideas are good or if they can be better. I also need marketing ideas. We can chat on skype. My id is starterim. Name is Ms.Chardon Nicholas. I'm currently online.

Here are the Domain names I bought and the ideas I came up with. I bought the domain names for 1.99 with godaddy and then designed the membership sites (takes about a week or 2):

-Qualitylist.org - a link directory where people spend $11.40/yr to be listed. I had 8 orders so far.

-Foodanddating.com - where people join to find a date who has similar food interest. They pay a one-time fee for sending gifts and adding extra photos. I might change it around to advertise restaurants and personal chefs.

-Starterinternetmarketing.com - I list the best clickbank products that work for getting success online.

-MaximumCreations.com - I created a directory for creative people. but I listed this one on flippa.com for sale cause I don't like the idea too much.

Hope to get some ideas or thoughts on marketing.

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    If you're already getting orders from your QualityList directory, the I would focus on that site first. You would need lots of orders to make the site successful, but promotion should be very easy as your target customer is anyone who owns a site.
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    You can always sell the sites. Flip them like a house. Buy them, build them up a bit, show potential, sell them for a profit.

    I think dating websites are best if FREE and monetized by advertisements. There should be a verification method to keep scammers out too, similar to ratemybody.

    All your websites can be promoted via networking, content, and advertising. I'd say focus on what you like and keep it simple. Trying to run more than 2 sites is overwhelming, especially if you're doing it solo.
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    Hi cnich23 Lady Warrior by Night
    Here are my 2cents. The best thing is probably choose one site and concentrade on that.
    The qualitylist.org: you should probably concider if you want to make the listings free to populate the site but that probably conflicts with the original concept. So you need to find a way to populate the directory. You could populate it yourself or have a virtual assistant populate it end then heva an option for those who own the links to clame it and add a description. For that kind of a directory you probably need a lot of content for it to get ranked in the search engines.

    Food and dating looks good and should be simple to market but can be costly. I would have a look at what your competitors in the dating market are doing and perhaps make a little bit more out of the restaurants so that people cen rate restaurants and submit a review perhaps. you could run this simultainiously as a dating site and a restaurant promotion site. At least you should have no problem getting restaurants to advertize with you if you can find a way to show the restaurant in relevant locations according to location. perhaps you should try to sell ads to International chains of restaurants. Driving relevant traffic to a dating site like that is hard work but can be very rewarding and probably the best way to do this on a budget is to build something viral like a video or picture that would get a lot of shares on facebook.

    Starterinternetmarketing.com Although the previously menthioned sites are very well constructed this site is not. If you want to pursue working on this site you probably want to reethink it and perhaps make it a blog where you review the products and give your honest opinion. can be costly to buy all the products at first and also to drive traffic to the site. However I undrestand the concept but recomend that you choose some of the other sites to continue with.

    MaximumCreations.com Personally I would think this one is in the top 2 of the 4 you listed along with food and dating. You could create a tutorial or ebook on how to build a profile on the site and best ways to make money with MaximumCreations.com, You could also try to build a net of ad exchanges or joint ventures by having others put a banner from you on their sites and displaying theirs instead. You could also put up a net of articles on how to do things on the site.

    Your sites are very well designed and constructed and it would be a delight to work with you sometime.

    Best of luck to you
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    I think you need to monetize further, try give them some ranking boost.
    Top ranking sites with list and monetizations are valuable assets.
    I am good at ranking pages, please check your messages.

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