This is really strange...

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I just went to thank someone for their remarks and discovered that I no longer have a "thank you" button on any of the posts.

Is there a glitch in the system or am I being punished that I don't know about? I have not gotten any special messages from admins about anything bad with my account but I just don't know.

Can anyone please advise me on this? Has this happened to others and if so, what was needed to fix it?
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    I think you've reached your limits for thanks in a day. When I ran a vB board, I had set it to 20 a day. I'm not sure what it's like here though.

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    No need to worry. There is a default limit for everyone.

    Whenever it happens to me I consider it to be a rewarding day.


    "Ich bin en fuego!"
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    There ya go, I just gave you one and it worked - must be as said above a limit of how many you can do in a day
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