Brainstorming help needed.

by Thomas Belknap 2 replies
I need a little brainstorming from my fellow warriors. I am about to release a product that should be pretty big. I do have some people with rather large lists interested in becoming affiliates already.

I have a pretty good affilliate software already. I am wondering if the affiliates would rather have me use RAP and get paid instantly or just run it through my affiliate program.

Besides that I could use any type of brainstorming session anyone can give. This product will have several versions. One version will be targeted to the IM niche.

This is a software product. I won't name what it is because I am don't want anyone to think I am promoting it.

Basically. the versions will go like this.

Express: I will give away for free.
Standard: This will have a lot more functionality.
Professional: Everything that standard has and a ton more.
Professional +IM: This will have additional Internet Marketing functionality.
Enterprise: Geared more towards Multiple users.

I will be creating an ecommerce site for those product versions and other products of mine. I was thinking of creating one site just for the Internet Marketing version. That was why I asked about RAP.

I will be selling a limited supply this time around to insure I can handle the support. Once, all support is worked out and everything is smooth I will release it for sale again. I do think it will sell very fast.

So what would you do? Observations, comments, criticisms and ideas are all welcomed and appreciated.

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