Classified Ad, Warriors for Hire, or main WSO area; which is best to launch my new service?

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Hey Warriors!

I'm planning on launching a new service soon (there will be a Warrior discount, of course ), but I'm unsure as to which part of the forum will be best for maximum exposure.

Should I post:
A classified ad
A listing in the Warriors for Hire Section
Or just run a regular WSO?

Any advice would be much appreciated.
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    Depends on what type of service you are offering. WSOs do have a lot of exposure but Warrior for Hire is more targeted as people are specifically looking for a service.
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    According to marketer friends of mine who offer services on this forum, a WSO and banner advertising to back it up works well providing that the service is:

    a) good value and you're offering a discount

    b) is a service that forum members really need

    Don't overlook b)! I see a lot of WSOs fail because the vendor really hasn't done the necessary research into whether forum members actually want their services.
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    WSO has the best exposure, but people often bump their thread, so your thread may pushed off really soon.
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    Originally Posted by spearce000 View Post

    Should I post:
    A classified ad
    A listing in the Warriors for Hire Section
    Or just run a regular WSO?
    Neither. Make sure your website is set up and ready to accept payment. Have a link in your sig. Drive traffic with paid ads and content. Network and look at the Warriors Looking to Hire You section. Paying for a thread here won't garner any organic traffic...nothing significant IME. It's too saturated. DIY and you'll do better.
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    Hi Mate,

    As other Warriors said, It all depends on the Service you are providing.

    If you have very good Product/Service and giving in Best Price , that you can go a head with WSO.

    If you have good Product/Service and giving with normal price , you can go a head classifieds section.

    Hope this helps you .

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    Given me a lot to think about. Many thanks to all who replied.
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      I received better results from Classified Ads and Warriors for Hire section then the WSO section.

      I think the price plays a large role, personally I have the idea that the WSO section is more suitable for $7-$27 products, quite in line with people that want to make millions with close to zero investments.

      Classifieds ads section was pretty good 2 years ago, nowadays it's same like the WSO section, totally over flooded with all this get rich quick garbage.
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