How to enhance usability on my site?

by rtws
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i just finished a directory with free frontpage listings, but so far the few members did not even submit anything (even though there are no cost).

Would be thankful if someone could give his feedback on the overall design, the usability or what might be enhanced to make the site more attractive. Url of the site is

Thanks in advance
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    Well the site looks pretty good, that won't be the issue.

    However, it loads extremely slow, and i did a speed test on Gtmetrix and Pingdom and it timed out actually. So i guess that might be the reason because people have to wait way too long before the pages load.
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      Originally Posted by JensSteyaert View Post

      ... did a speed test on Gtmetrix and Pingdom and it timed out actually..
      Thanks, just noticed that too.. must be the mysql as other sites on the server load quick
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    You can use Google's webmaster tool to check your load speed.
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    There are special tools that checks the whole site perfomance e.g.Anturis is such a tool. Because the site can look attractive but it can work not perfectly well. I mean no only the speed of the site but other parameters.
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    You can heck the page loading speed with the Google Websmater Tool and if you are not using that so, you may use Pingdom speed tool for that.
    Highly recommend to use Google Webmsater tool to manage your site easily and to make the site error free.
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    I think once you improve the loading speed, the usability will improve. People have very less patience nowadays, so they don't usually like to wait. if something is taking too long to load then they'll hop else where.
    I hope your problem gets fixed soon
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    Much thanks for all the nice feedback.. has a B (89%) speed rating now, likely further enhanced with image optimization
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    When it comes to usability testing, I really can't recommend this site enough - UserTesting: Usability Testing Made Easy | UserTesting - I would just set up a few tasks for testers to complete and you'll quickly see what potential hang ups are.
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