separate domains for every sales page?

by ProEFI
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I'm struggling with the idea of using one domain for several related product sales pages vs. using a unique domain for every product. Is is that important to have a unique domain name?

For example, let's say you are an expert in time management and own You offer ebooks called "time management for home business owners", "time management for busy moms", "time management for CEOs". Would it be better to set up separate domains for each product, or sell them from as a page?
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    i would...just because of the different price tag of each of them and it would be easier to target each niche as far as marketing vs targeting all th eniches at once.

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    Hello ProEFI

    I'd suggest if all your products relate to the same niche then I'd offer them under the same domain name. I found that sub-pages with dashes between the keywords attracts better ranking in search engines. So if your main domain is, the sub-pages would be

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    Both, you can do both.

    Having separate domain is good, but if you want to centralized all the related products in one website that's fine. Make sure to send your targeted visitors to the most relevant pages in your website.
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    I would also say having products of the same niche together in one domain would be better, firstly because it's more economically, secondly it can work as a trademark, people will remember one domain easier than separate domains, and thirdly it's better if you are building your list. Management would be also more simple with one domain.
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    There is a major benefit of having several websites in the same niche--link authority. The more links you have pointing to your main website (ie,, the higher ranking you benefit from. If you have 2 or 3 niche domains that have several links pointing to them that also link to your main website, you'll get more traffic and authority. Just a thought. It is a little more work, but you can always use the same template from your main site and tweak it to give it that same look. Good luck!

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