Productivity is over rated...

by Big Al
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Productivity is Overrated

From my experience, the most common trait you will consistently observe in accomplished people is an obsession with completion. Once a project falls into their horizon, they crave, almost compulsively, to finish it. If they're organized, this might happen in scheduled chunks. If they're not -- like many -- this might happen in all-nighters. But they get it done. Fast and consistently.

The Art of the Finish: How to Go From Busy to Accomplished « Scott H Young
I just read this and couldn't agree more. Sure, we're all different and work differently but, for me, this hit the nail on the head.

A great example is making a to-do list and feeling like you're doing something when truth be told, you're just procrastinating, getting organized but not necessary finishing a task. More paper shuffling..
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