Why Do You Think A Lot Of People Aren't Succeeding in Internet Marketing?

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I am just wondering why do you think that a lot of people are not succeeding in Internet Marketing or can't seem to make money online?
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    People who are making no money at all in marketing are trying to sell money-making programs to other people who are making no money.

    Its hot potato marketing, where you keep trying to sell to others an idea that was marginal to start with, and they in turn try to sell it to someone else down the line.

    Truthfully, marketing is not particularly difficult. You find a product that brings consistent successful results and offer it to enough people who want those results. Usually this idea works best outside of the MMO market.

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    IM is a business... most people don't treat it as a business. They think it's a Get-Rich-Quick scheme... and it's not.

    David Hunter | Duke of Marketing

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    • Originally Posted by AmericanMuscleTA View Post

      IM is a business... most people don't treat it as a business. They think it's a Get-Rich-Quick scheme... and it's not.
      Exactly. People spend so much time thinking that they can get rich overnight, but it's not like that. You need to build from the ground up. Treat it like a business. Treat customers like they are customers. Treat it like your own offline restaurant or any type of business. If you were to build a restaurant, you would treat it like a business, right? The same goes for Internet marketing.
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    Because they refuse to work. Most people buy into the nonsense that you can push a few buttons and make piles and piles of cash. So they set up a website, write two articles and wait for the money to start flying in. When it doesn't work that way they either give up or move on to the next shiny object. They get stuck in a never ending cycle never making any money.

    To make money online requires consistency and hard work!
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    People buy a bunch of junk and get hypnotized by the latest shiny bauble and don't take time to learn and build a proper business.

    My humble view
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      #1. They focus on the wrong niche (market, product, or service) in relation to their passion, skill, experience, finances, knowledge. Or they don't focus at all.

      #2. They get a product and then try to find people to sell it to, instead of "finding people with a need" (niche) then getting a product or service to sell. Classic newbie mistake.
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    IM is not a business. It's a way to promote real products and services. If you start with a product or service that people actually want then marketing it on the Internet will be viable. Especially if you are a great copywriter, seo expert, good communicator and capable of building websites and sales funnels and create professional video sales presentations. Most people lack all of the above so is it any wonder they fail to turn a profit online?
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      Originally Posted by SteveSki View Post

      IM is not a business. It's a way to promote real products and services.
      I've always thought that too - it's a strategy, a facet of a business. It's probably one of the most accessible and cheapest ways to promote a product, but it's not the only way. None of the big stores are in the 'business' of spending scads on television commercials and nobody really thinks they are - they're in the retail business and the TV is an effective way of reaching the people they want to sell to. Just as the internet is.

      I think that's why a lot of people who make money online have trouble with making people understand what they do. They're not writers, coders, affiliates, graphic designers, search engine optimizers... they're internet marketers. 'He markets the internet?!'

      And I think that is where many newcomers are going wrong. They hear of people 'making money online' and think that you can somehow wring cash out of the internet with nothing of substance to promote, or even to do at all. The attitude that internet marketing is the business rather than a means of promoting it is why there are still so many confused people thinking 'I know - I'll market the internet! And look - I can even learn how to do it at 2.00 am in the morning!'

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    Jump from one product to another!! Must focus on one strategy!
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    Because it's work. Thomas Edison said it well....

    Most people don't recognize opportunity when they see it becomes it arrives dressed in overalls and looks like work.
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    Lack of aptitude.
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    I think some people come in with the wrong concept. They see all these ads and videos about people claiming to make 10,000 a month or 400 a day with only 2 hours work a week and when it doesn't happen that way they want to quit. They don't realise that this is just like any other business you have to put in the time and work to see it pay off the way you would want it to. Theres no push button.
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      Once people feel failure...like really feel something go wrong the discouragement that follows tends to be very dis-empowering.

      This gets even worse if a series of things goes wrong, and it happens a lot but success is about the right reaction to these things happening.

      Is all news good news because everything eventually turns out well, or when things appear bad does your gut tighten and that tightness in your chest hold you back from moving forward?

      Persevering in the face of failure and acting until you find something that works (easy to say sooo very hard to execute) appears to be the barrier to entry for most successful online business related endeavors.
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        Lack of focus, consistent action and the right system to follow.
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    They always believe some books or the methods from the sellers product will be doing magic things about their income, but they are not doing business with proper plans.
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      It seems most people are quite satisfied with their 9 to 5 job and thus lack the will power to do something about it. If they are really fed up with their job they will keep on trying and trying till they find something that works for them.
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        Good question. I think it's a lot of trial and error and money and once people start seeing no money coming in. They just give up.
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    Honestly, I think a lot of people fail because of a few big reasons:

    They really believe making a living online is easy and effortless.

    They fail to take action.

    They jump from thing to another, never working on one and giving it enough time to get results.

    And of course, all the WSOs and guides that offer "push button" money making "systems" are also part of the problem.

    But then again, people have to change their perception about making money online as well.
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    I found many people who join the IM section just emotionally. Due to the Emotion, most of the people never get in touch to his destination. Here I would like to suggest the newbie, you have to learn the IM, before learning the IM, if you invest money, you may in loss. After getting this loss, your aim & destination will break. To success in this sector, you have to learn more & more. Thanks


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    Most of the people quit after trying once or twice and seeing no result..this is just like offline busines where you have to keep trying to succeed..so to be exact...they are not determined and quite after few failures.
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    Personally I think most people fail because either they don't have any mentor or wrong person mentoring them.

    having a mentor can make really big difference in your business as well as in your life.
    Someone who has done it all, who can teach you and tell what to do and how to do it. It made a really big difference in my life.

    so if anyone ask me what is the first step to business, I'll say get Mentor.
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    Originally Posted by IvoryPearl View Post

    I am just wondering why do you think that a lot of people are not succeeding in Internet Marketing or can't seem to make money online?
    It is a microcosm of OFFLINE. Why do so many people offline, fail? Why limit your question to online wannabees?

    The reason for failure is the same. for the offline frustration and the online folks who can't make money.

    BECAUSE, they both lack basics, the Fundamentals of money. What it is, how it operates.

    Great teacher in a good school system, maybe 65k a year.
    Great baseball player with long career ahead....300 million dollars.

    Avg. worker in USA, around 40k per year.
    Avg. MLB player, one million per year.

    Why? When you understand leverage, wants, needs, desires, you see there are building blocks used.

    Why do so many IMers fail to make money?

    They are trying to build their money making using only the consonants in their building blocks, they don't have the necessary vowels.

    Both offline failure and online frustration can be most oft traced back to a lack of understanding basic principles of making money.

    When you start in a dark room, you will spend a lot of time trying to find the light switch.

    The reason is simple...because they just DON'T know what to do. And then, can't decide which way to go and stay with it long enough to see results.

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      the secret to IM is there is no secret.

      fail fast, fail often (keep testing and trying)
      learn, learn learn (steep learning curve)
      it's not a push button, I don't have to work at it, instant riches thing - there is a certain mindset that is needed to make money online and if you don't have the right mindset, you will not succeed in the long term - maybe the short term but its not sustainable
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    The reason people fail is simply because they don't put enough effort in.

    Marketing is easy, when you strip it right down it's just all about getting yourself "out there". The more places you appear on the internet the more money you're going to make.

    "I don't know how" is never an excuse, in 2012 I used to be an electrician, 6 months later after quitting my job I began making more from IM than I did in my job....Why? Because I had to make money so I found a way.

    I'll admit it didn't come easy but I made sure I worked my "derriere" off until I got it.
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    Well I can think of many reasons but in general a lot of marketers start of by asking too many questions and think about all the ''What ifs''...

    The more we question the less likely one will take action. We just need to dive head in whatever it is we want to achieve and figure it out as we go.

    Other reasons I can think of are that some people simply do not want to invest in themselves. They forget that this is a business and not a hobby, so they refuse to fork out money and investing in their own empire. The truth is that this business is much cheaper than a commercial business so this reason alone shouldn't stop someone from investing.

    One more main reason I can think of and something I really had a problem with myself is... people spread themselves to thin. Rather than picking 1 or 2 traffic methods and mastering them until they got steady lead flow is, they would just try everything they see working for people and become a jack of all trades, master of none.

    It's all about mastering one traffic source and scaling it from there
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    Originally Posted by IvoryPearl View Post

    I am just wondering why do you think that a lot of people are not succeeding in Internet Marketing or can't seem to make money online?
    For the same reason, many people are not successful starting another kind of business.

    Most people are followers and bad copycats, without any vision what so ever.

    They hope to be "10 working minutes a day" millionaires within the first week!

    And finally they give up to fast....
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    I think a lot of people try to be masters of everything. They decide they want to make money online so they make a product, build a list, promote affiliate offers, drive ppc traffic, seo traffic, forum marketing, social media, viral traffic, promote CPA offers etc etc the list goes on.

    Instead of just devising a solid business model that has a proven track record with other marketers (using a mentor will help with this) and just sticking to that and making that work. That way you will learn all the nuances of that particular methodology. Once you have got it working you can branch out and try other things, but until then stick with it.

    After all when someone starts a brick and mortar business they dont open a coffee shop then try to see hot dogs the next day then try to sell designer clothes the next. They are a coffee shop, they stick with that and build from there.
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    Wrong methods. I think I tried everything but actually getting my own website before I learned from others that are succeeding


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    I think people give up too quickly. I know that feeling of being frustrated when it seems that nothing is happening with the effort that you are putting in.

    Most people get frustrated too quickly, forgetting that anything worthwhile requires a lot of work. If it was easy, we would all be online millionaires.

    People want to take the easy way out, so instead of putting effort, they buy the next best thing hoping that there will be a magic shortcut to getting rich, and unfortunately there isn't. It's a lot of hours, sleepless nights, weekends etc . . . it's hard work!
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    Because they think of themselves as "internet marketers" rather than "marketers who use the internet"

    The internet is just the medium. The rules of business -- finding the right niche, offering massive value, cultivating customer loyalty, filling market gaps -- all still apply.

    Buying the latest "secret report" and trying the latest trick isn't and never will be what success online is about.


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      Originally Posted by jonb View Post

      Because they think of themselves as "internet marketers" rather than "marketers who use the internet"

      The internet is just the medium. The rules of business -- finding the right niche, offering massive value, cultivating customer loyalty, filling market gaps -- all still apply.

      Buying the latest "secret report" and trying the latest trick isn't and never will be what success online is about.
      This. I think people do seem to get trapped into the "bubble" of the internet as if it is an alternate universe. You are still dealing with people and the tried and tested methods of business still apply
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    We know that failure is the pillar of success. So if we tired after one or two unsuccessful efforts, we can't make money or can't be successful in our IM.
    Before starting an IM business we should learn and study about it and take some suggestions from some successful friends. Lack of good knowledge and good plan most of lost their invest.

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    Because the "mental map" is faulty at inception, which is to be expected. However if you can't identify why and how it is faulty and know what action to take to remedy the situation, you will fail

    Any wrong move after implementation of the "mental map" will result in failure. Failure is actually the default result of action.

    viva business

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  • Profile picture of the author Tim Franklin
    Some good answers, A few excuses, But there is No Reason why you have to fail.

    There are plenty of excuses, from bad products to bad buyers, you can blame the customer or blame the buyer or you can say that most people are lazy, (the classic (Took no action excuse)

    The truth is not everyone is cut out for marketing, just like in the offline world of commission selling.

    Back in the Stone Ages, (Many Moons ago) We used to have a saying in the sales business its the man and not the land...

    (Because we had territories that we all would sell in and a lot of the time different sales people would complain that if only they had the better territories they could sell better)

    That may have been a little true but most of the time it was because this type of business requires, an extreme amount of discipline, some guys would spend time having a two hour lunch while others were out shaking the bushes finding more leads and making more sales.

    (That is obviously just one example of offline sales)

    But its a good one because not everyone is going to make it, but if you are determined and you think bigger than just the cookie cutter promotions you see then you can be successful.

    The one thing you certainly must do is to define what success is and that is something that is different for each person, for some people it might be a part time income for others it might mean making a few extra bucks a month.

    Success, really has to be defined as something a little different than what you see most of the classic sales gurus portray.

    (Forget about the fancy cars or the mansions) Anyone with that junk in a sales page is a waste of time and money, because (a very small percentage of sellers ever get there)

    Start out slow, set realistic goals, build that better mouse trap...
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    Having unrealistic expectations is a big reason why people don't succeed with internet marketing. A few other reasons include:

    Lacking drive
    Lacking focus
    Not being coachable
    Not playing to one's strengths
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