Something about some marketers and social media that I just don't get

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I certainly understand the value of a retweet and other "going viral" concepts.

But I simply don't get the marketers who only post links to other blogs or things they've found as their own contribution to the conversation, particularly when they do so without any comment or value add by themselves.

Why should I "follow" some schmuck that sits around all day long scrubbing and reposting stuff that Robert Scoble, Guy Kawasaki, Chris Brogan, or some of the other big guys just posted?

Do they not think that we don't follow the real movers and shakers?

Do they really think I will follow them for having posted all this stuff I already get from news feeds and other top dog bloggers?

The idea is to post things that are relevant and topical, yes. Then throw some hooks out there to pull people towards your offerings.

But to incessantly post link after link to news articles that are already widely popularized as their own version of "content" or "value add", and then expect me to give a crap? It's such a incestuous, polluted landscape that the signal-to-noise ratio makes a lot of the medium worthless.

If you're going to post a link to someone's blog, great! Add some commentary or something worthwhile to the link to at least contribute to the discussion. But the idea that you're gonna be some lemming following the real news leaders, and then convince me that you've got some unique selling proposition after the fact? It's pure degeneration of the original signal.

No wonder so many people suck at affiliate marketing.
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    I've been following Guy Kawasaki for some years now and have come to the conclusion that his contributions are absolutely worthless too. Not every big shot offers value

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    I keep that in mind when I RT.. how popular is this person? If they're popular then I usually don't RT because I think most of the people who follow me also follow them.

    When I do RT something or post a link to a blog.. I always put my opinion or the reason why I'm tweeting that in parentheses.. this way people can take that out if they'd like to RT it.

    You make a valid point. Why RT the goobs.
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    I guess it's more of a "why should I follow this person at all" sort of thing. I agree that guy kawasaki can be hit or miss, but a lot of times he does get the scoop on things. It comes down to a "unique selling proposition" of why should I even follow this person. What are they saying that is unique or has an angle of its own that I should care about?
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