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If this has been answered elsewhere I do apologize but there is so much information out ther on Fiverr, some good, some bad that it is difficult to know what works and doesn't. So the questions from one who has not been successful with it is;

1) how do you sell your first gig? I am a 1/2 level one seller (just from amount of time having account opened.

I tried a few indemand gigs, like proofreading/editing and nothing.

One school of thought says, go to another seller with no sales, have him buy your gig, you b buy his and both leave comments. Then you get a rep and people come to you. Is this correct?

2) some people say dont sell gigs you have to do yourself and that can take a long time. Sell some that are automatic. Some say get plr/mrr, rebrand, rewrite, etc.. and then sell the ebook or report as your own so it takes seconds to deliver. Is there something to that?

3) what would be the best evergreen selling niches?

Thank you for your assistance
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    I just create some gigs and wait then some days after I get my first sale. Do not need to exchange gig with someone else but you can try it.
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    What matters are ratings.... So if you can that a few people buy your gig and post some ratings you will get some authority, at least 10 ratings
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    I joined Fiverr a bit long ago so I just post the writing gig and it was sold at the next day
    I believe, the most popular offer will be writing and design
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      Originally Posted by ivanadee View Post

      I joined Fiverr a bit long ago so I just post the writing gig and it was sold at the next day
      I believe, the most popular offer will be writing and design
      I have also created a gig on article writing but I haven't got any order. I offer one 500 words. What should I do now? Do you have any suggestion for me?

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    Want to make easy money?

    Go on Fiverr and sell your skills for $5.

    Sounds okay, but I don't find this to be true. Fiverr isn't that easy in my opinion. There are thousands of people trying to sell their services and make money - the competition is huge.

    If you just create your gig and wait for the orders to start coming in, you will probably be disappointed, because it's not going to happen.

    You might get orders, if you manage to find an untapped niche with high demand (highly unlikely).

    If you create a gig for article writing, SEO, logo design, etc. Then you are entering very competitive niches and you will need to standout some how.

    Reviews help a lot. A buyer isn't going to choose you, if someone who is doing the same thing already has reviews. You can offer review copies to your friends or do review exchanges with others. Depending on the niche and your gig you might need from 2 - 20 reviews to start getting buyers from Fiverr.

    Now, you are on FIverr to make money, not give charity, but you need to understand that at the beginning you need to work for the reviews. Another tip would be to massively overdeliver. If everyone else is selling 500 word articles for 5 bucks you sell 2000 words articles. This will definitely draw attention to you. You get the point.

    So, be ready to work your as off for pennies at the start.
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    Try making a gig that doesn't already have a lot of competition or does something that others aren't willing to do for $5. Hopefully that can get you some customers who will be loyal and purchase your other gigs as well.
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    Just go to and take a note of the top selling gigs for $1. Replicate the same in a new Fiverr gig. When you get order, buy it from Seoclerks & sell it to Fiverr in $5 having $3 profit.
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    Anything that can help anyone's business would be good for fiverr or in any other marketplace. Try to create your own gig based on the top selling gigs at fiverr and you're on the go. All you have to do next is sending enormous traffic.
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    Here is my experience with Fiverr so far:

    I joined 3 months ago but only created a gig 1 month ago.
    My first gig was 6 pre-designed logos in editable formats for which I received an order after 5-6 days.
    Until now I sold another 2 gigs (more pre-designed logos).
    Maybe I just had luck selling this fast...

    Remember that you only get $4 for a Gig.

    TIP: If you think your job's worth more ask the buyer to contact you before the order, send you his files, requirements and you will give him a price he can't refuse.

    When I had my first sell and delivered the .zip containing the logos I included a text file in which I wrote that if he needs a custom logo I will designed it for XX price, and he ordered a a custom logo. From here we emailed each other and received payment through paypal.

    TIP2: In "My Sales" menu you will see a Buyer Requests link. Click on it and you can send your gig as offer to people who are looking for services/products.

    Good Luck!
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    If you want to make money with Fiverr there is a good post on Matthew Woodward's blog - How To Start Making Money On Fiverr TODAY. There are some great actionable steps on it.
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    I'm a regular Fiverr buyer I see this from the other side. The recent advertising campaign by Fiverr has indeed led to many more buyers visiting the site. It has also led to a similar number of would-be sellers on the site also. The result has been that the top sellers a doing very well, just look at their gig count, many into the thousands.

    Meanwhile the newcomers are finding it almost impossible to make a sale.

    As a buyer I look to the newcomers for my best buys as they give such high value and fast delivery. Overall Fiverr is not a great place to be a seller unless you are well established.

    Fiverr is the cornerstone of my business but only because I know how to sort the wheat from the chaff, and lots of chaff there is. So to echo previous threads, to get going overdeliver, deliver fast and deliver quality - all for $3.92 after fees.

    My opinion? There must be an easier way to earn so little.

    Making it with Online Arbitrage

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