$100 per month automated income blueprint in this post!

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Hi all! I just wanted to share this with everyone, since I've been getting such great feedback on it. I would post the flowchart, BUT it has some promotional stuff on it so instead, I'm just going to give you a numbered list of the steps you can take to use this proven business model to build yourself an online income!

I'm not going to get overly detailed, since most of the other info you need can be found elsewhere on this forum and online. But if you take this simple plan, and follow the steps - put it into action - you'll definitely see results!

Okay, so here it goes...

1. Find a hot niche. There are many ways to do this, using everything from Google Trends to Twitter Trends, searching eBay and Amazon top sellers, or even just seeing what is hot on Clickbank. Try to focus on smaller sub-sections of bigger niches. For example, instead of "home electronics", try "satellite TV systems". Smaller market within a bigger marker, but satellite TV systems still sell very well online.

2. Find an affiliate product. Actually, you'll want to find a few. In markets like satellite TV, go for big brand names with affiliate programs on CPA networks as well as info products - the brand recognition and high conversion rate will help you make more sales. Don't just focus on high commission offers, either. 10% of 100 sales is better than 75% of none - make sure you look at the conversion rate, too.

3. Now you want to research your keywords. This is a long, hard process for many niches... You have to dig down and find out which keywords are getting the most search engine traffic with the least competition and the highest ad cost (highest ad cost because that means people are making money from it already!) There are tools and membership sites that can do these kinds of things for you, but since I'm focusing on free methods here, just do the best you can with Google's Keyword tool and other keyword tools available for free online.

4. Find content for your newsletter or a free report. You can use PLR for this, its pretty easy - especially when you get into smaller niches, because chances are, no other IMer has used THAT PLR product in THAT particular niche. Most people go broad - you're going small, mean, and lean, then expanding out. If you don't have the money for PLR, try just writing an informative newsletter first. Once you've made some affiliate sales, buy a PLR product and offer it to your subscribers as a free bonus with links to more affiliate products.

5. Write articles and posts (or use PLR) that are related to your small niche. You can even outsource these if you want, but once again, focusing on free methods means writing them yourself. Make them keyword rich, of course, but remember - it isn't just the search engines that will be reading them. Make them readable for human beings, too! Get 5 or 6 different articles and posts together, then move on to the next step...

6. Find a domain name & hosting, and then start a Wordpress blog. Don't think I need to go into TOO much detail for this one, just pick a reliable host, a relevant domain name (or a generic one and use subdomains for each blog you'll make) and install Wordpress. If you don't know how to do that, there are lots of resources around to help!

7. Create a landing page. This can be an actual landing page (separate from your site) or an opt-in on your blog. Separate landing pages work better with this method, but the choice is yours. Make your copy persuasive, short, and to the point. Give the prospect every reasonw hy they should hand over their email address in exchange for what you're offering - make it look like a no brainer to pay $97 for what you're giving, and then tell them it's free. Tip - try to get your opt-in above the fold. It does wonders for conversion, unless you have a proven template that works better

8. Turn your articles into blog posts. Post them on your blog using keyword rich titles. Pretty simple to do, if you need help I'm sure you can find info in the Wordpress manual or forums.

9. Link your blog posts to your opt-in page (this is why a separate page works best.) Don't just say "hey, you could sign up here..." You need to have a call to action! "Click here now to get FREE info on blah blah!!!"

10. Setup an autoresponder account. The choice of autoresponder is really personal preference, there are dozens of threads on this forum discussing them so choose which one suits your needs and your budget best.

11. Write your promotional emails using the content from earlier. Add in links to the affiliate programs you found earlier, with a real call to action ("Click here to get blah blah now!") You want to give as much useful information as you possibly can, but still offer that little bit more with your affiliate products.

12. Add your free report (if applicable) to free ebook sites. Link this version of your free report back to your blog. Submit to as many ebook directories as you can.

13. If you have PLR to any software, now is the time to use it. Upload the software to software directories, with a link back to your blog. Submit to as many as you can.

14. Submit your newsletter to ezine directories.

15. Blog about your new report, newsletter, & software.

16. Use social bookmarking to tag all of the above - every blog post, every submission to a directory, and every trackback you get.

17. Create a quick video version of your ebook. Upload it to YouTube. Link it back to your blog. Use social bookmarking to bookmark your video.

18. Make a post on your blog about your video and embed it. Bookmark the video.

19. Ping your blog using Pingoat or Pingomatic.

20. Watch the traffic roll in! Tweak your landing page and emails until you get a conversion rate that you're happy with, and then start over again in another niche.

Give it a couple of months, and you should be making a half-decent income from these steps.

So there you have it... I could have fluffed that up into an ebook and sold it, I could have turned that into a WSO, I could have even made it into a seminar - but I didn't. I put it here so you guys can put that info to good use.

Hope you enjoy!

- Cherilyn Woodhouse
(formerly Cherilyn Lester!)
(Still The Canadian Copywriter)
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