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I normally do ecommerce stuff but a friend of myn asked if I could do some online advertising for his wine bar. What would everyone suggest as the most effective methods? They currently have a simple website and a facebook page with about 1000 fans.
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    It depends on what they are using their website and Facebook page for. Like a business card or to show off their menu or talk about specials? They might even rank in their market in google listings. And if they claimed their page and built it up a bit, unless this is an area replete with wine bars, they could probably snag a fair amount of search traffic with a simple Yelp or other review campaign.

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    Word of mouth is super important with any food/drink establishment!

    Possibly run a promo: Have customers "Like" the facebook page and leave a quick review about their experience for a free wine tasting session/free glass of wine.

    Social proof converts the highest and it would only take a few awesome testimonials to start getting some hype for the wine bar..
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    It's all about 'top of mind' awareness.

    You need to be at the top of people's minds at the moment they are deciding where they want to go for a drink.

    You do this by constantly putting yourself in front of the audience most likely to want what you have to offer.

    For this, nothing beats social media.

    Find other similar bars in the area and start running Facebook ads to the fans of those bars. Post regular photos of the food and drink because photos work very well and will help spread the word of the bar virally.
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    If it is just a local company then I suggest to focus on adding friends on that area and recommend to like and share the page by tagging them and put some hash tag related to the area and keywords for wine. Similar to ice bucket challenge.
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    Video Marketing is the hottest way to go at the moment , concentrate on YouTube and such sites !
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    Find a local wine tasting meetup to host their events, or start one. Immediately taps into the right demo.
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    Also use twitter with weekday wine hashtags and engage all the local community discussions
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  • Tbk125,

    If I were consulted by a client to formulate an overall advertising and marketing campaign for his wine bar, then I'd develop a concept plan based on the following scientific principles of persuasion:

    • RECIPROCITY -- Free samples or exclusive offers or premium promos for an elite few, for example. People tend to feel that they need to return a favor that benefited them. If I help a guy learn more about good wines for a steak dinner date, and I give him a discounted reservation for an exclusive steak dinner for two with a few glasses of good wine as a freebie, then I think he'd most likely want to get a membership card that I'm also offering, which gives him access to exclusive discounts and premium reservations ...

    • COMMITMENT / CONSISTENCY -- People expect to get the same beneficial results based on previous experience. If you and your date enjoyed the steak dinner and wine so much that you got lucky and had the best night ever, then won't you expect the same experience when you use your membership card at the same place with other dates?

    • SOCIAL PROOF -- Show others that many people are continuously getting benefits from your products. If you're targeting couples for your wine bar, and a couple sees two similar wine bars, one almost empty except for a few single men, while yours full of couples, then which do you think would they choose? Yes, with or without the free reservation?

    • LIKEABILITY / SYMPATHY -- People listen and pay attention to people, businesses and companies that they like and relate to. People buy what they want from people, businesses and companies that they like and relate to. The entire packaging of your company, the place where you do business, the area where you transact with customers, your offline and online presence, your online and offline marketing content should all be likeable to your target customers. They should be able to relate to your objectives. If you're targeting couples for your wine bar, then show your target customers that your entire wine bar, its products, services, online and offline content are all packaged for exactly everything that couples want in a wine bar. Integrate likeable concepts into your exclusive offers and promos, i.e. 5% of all transactions exceeding $500 goes to an old local zoo that's recently getting premium local media exposure because of a fund-raising program to improve their facilities ...

    • AUTHORITY -- People listen and pay attention to people, businesses and companies that have significant authority in a given field. People buy products from people, businesses and companies that have significant authority in a given field. Yes, sometimes even if they don't really like the person, business or company. If you're targeting couples for your wine bar, then through your offline and online content, show your authority expertise in wines, dinner dates and a romantic dining experience with good wine ...

    • SCARCITY -- People tend to quickly decide in buying or in grabbing or in eating things that will never be sold, made available or served again. People tend to opt into things that are made available for an elite few. People tend to fall in line for something that'd only be available for a select group. Integrate that into your free samples, promos and other offers for your wine bar, and let's see what you get ...

    Hope this helps. Cheers!
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