CAR INSURANCE BILL! HELP. I'll work cheap but still quality

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I just got my auto insurance renewal form yesterday and it's $800.00 HIGHER than last years. I've come up about $400.00 short and that leaves me cash LESS, LOL, for about two more weeks. If anyone needs any outsourcing, I can offer graphic arts and copywriting. I have some other skills too, but those are the top two I can offer. If you need anything please PM me. I'll work cheap and I'll work hard for you, and I can provide some references from others that have had me write or do grahpics for them, but out of respect for their privacy, I will only share thier links in PM. Thanks everyone.

P.S. when I say cheap, I'm thinking $50.00 for graphics and $50.00 sales letter with a 3 day turnaround time.

Thanks again,
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