How would you market a voluminous product?

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I'm still trying to come up with a strategy for turning years of experience in a tiny niche, and volumes of minutiae, into a set of DVDs that could take me two years to finish. It will be written in chapters which focus on key steps. I'm at work on Chapter One presently, and I know I have to at least finish it if I want to do a market test. I'd like to sell it by the chapter, of course, and start making money now. But...

Am I going to anger customers with a product they can't buy "all at once"? The chapters are useful alone, but they're not the entire solution. I would love to eventually offer the whole manual at a discount to buying it singly in chapters, but to do that the whole thing needs to be done--no money for a "long" time.

How would you go about it?
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    Hello Ricter,

    Perhaps you could set up a membership site and develop
    and release your information once every couple of weeks
    (or intervals that work for you). If your niche product has
    an instructional aspect, you might consider developing a
    home study course which you deliver over time. Or you
    could have a paid subscription and send chapters out in
    a periodic newsletter.

    These are only suggestions, it's difficult to advise without
    knowing your product.
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    Use Russell Brunson's DotComSecrets Journal, and Joel Comm's Top 1% Report Membership as a model for your product. Should work just as nicely.

    Some trade journals go for $300 per year or more. You could apply the same style marketing to your product. Then 6 months or so later, once you have the product completed in its entirety... you can make a special offer to new clients and existing clients to get the entire course at whatever reduced price you feel comfortable with.
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      You can turn this into a positive by simply being honest:

      1. Tell them creating the full product takes a huge amount of time because you have so much knowledge to share.

      That's why you're releasing it one chapter at a time.

      2. Make the back end for your first chapter some kind of mentoring or personal support.

      You can also record any mentoring you do and add that to your final product.

      Kindest regards,
      Andrew Cavanagh
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        Thanks much for your suggestions, gents!

        One more cast into the best fishin' hole around...

        - For your import/export/customs questions or problems, send PM.

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