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here are some important things to start thinking about to help you be more productive and to have a crystal clear focus moving forward:

with the new year approaching what is your plan starting in 2015?

did you get the results that you expected for were aiming for in 2014 so far?

what are you going to do different in 2015 in order to get better results?
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    2014 was a great year for me.

    In 2015, I plan on using SMM (Social Media Marketing) even more. It's a great way to reach people and get high quality traffic.
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  • I have big plans. Big ones. It's hard to say specifically, but one thing I am doing is diversifying everything that I am currently doing, building what I already know, and just continuing to learn from this forum. But I guess my ultimate goal is really going after the things I am actually setting down as a goal. I want to make 2015 the year where I actually follow through with certain things.
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    Thanks, Paul. It's definitely time to think that way. I plan to focus on just one or two things in my business, rather than moving from method to method to method and not getting proficient at any of them.
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    2014 has been about learning, trying, succeeding, stumbling and keeping on keeping on. I have found my area of FOCUS for 2015 and plan to stay laser focused on that path! Best of Luck to all of you and it is very timely to be spending time on this topic.
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    2014 has been a really good year so far, so yeah i reached my goals already and the year isn't finished yet.

    For my personal goals i won't change too much, i'll just to help more people in the process.
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    One thing I plan on doing more of is getting out my comfort zone.
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      Here is my 2016 plan:-

      1) Provide EXTREME VALUE AND HELP to people

      2) Give Value Consistently

      3) Put my customers first (as always)
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