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I've been looking over PLR sites. While searching on Google for PLR sites, I found It looks like it contains loads of content (articles and ebooks) however, does anyone have any experience with them? Are any of the ebooks and articles actually worth the while? I don't mind if I have to do a little rewriting (i.e. correcting grammar and typos). However, some of the sites I've ran across are deplorable. It would take me less time to write the content from scratch than to attenpt to correct all of the mistakes.

I know by now that just because a site offers tons of titles doesn't mean anything. I've seen this before. When I finally start reading the content and ebooks I realize they are complete crap. The grammar of the ebooks are something like a 3rd grader would write. The content looks like what a high school student would do on a final project that they started and completed the night before it was due.

Thanks in advance.
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    I've been looking over PLR sites. While searching on Google for PLR sites, I found
    NicheEmpire used to be on my list of stuff to buy. Then I joined up here, and Gabor Olah pointed me at instead.

    The problems you're finding with PLR content are pretty much endemic. Anyone writing PLR content is probably unable to sell their services as a custom writer, and that's probably because they're not very good. There are exceptions... but, especially in short format, they're few and far between. That's just the nature of PLR stuff.
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    Thanks for the tip on the plrwholesaler site. I've bookmarked it and when I get home from work I'll check it out. So you don't use the any longer?

    If I can get some decent meat in to the ebooks and/or articles I will be fine. I've quite good at researching topics. I just have trouble with getting started. Once I start to read an article or e-book I can easily pick it apart, correct grammar, and research the topic to validate what's in the article or e-book. I'd never just "resell" or redistribute content without verifying the information contained within it.
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