What to do with a small list that is new

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once you have a list what is the best way to start nurturing and building the rapport that is necessary to begin marketing to them?
I realize that there will be several methods I guess I am just wondering what everyone's take on this is?
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    Depends entirely on your niche. Whatever niche it is you need to give them something on consistent intervals that they will find a lot of value in. This could be daily or weekly tips... special discounts on relevant products not available anywhere else. You could send out stories about your niche...

    It really is difficult to say without knowing what niche the list is in.
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      Don't abuse them. Send out at least 4 helpful emails for every 1 promotional one and you'll have a happy list.
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        I pay attention to how the leads become first "acquired", too.

        I have gained as many as 70 subscribers in one day through giveaway event participation, but while these leads stay subscribed, I find them bit unresponsive in the beginning, maybe because they also opt-in for 20 other bonuses and newsletters during the same promotion.

        Whereas someone you know from a forum may start replying you back from your first follow up email message.

        Personally, I'd like to pay attention to how leads are first acquired. So I follow a process like this.

        1. How is this list built?

        I don't want to send SEO info to say... leads I gained through "traffic exchange".

        2. What if I want to send "less relevant" information to the original message?

        This can lead to higher unsubscribe rate, so instead I'd create another lead capture page and give away a mini-report on the topic to see if they'll opt-in for another email list (like a sub-list).

        3. Once they opt-in to the "sub-list", start sending relevant email for the new list.

        This way, I don't confuse all the subscribers with "mixed" messages. If I keep on sending "close-but-not-so-relevant" emails, subscribers might wonder what my message really stands for. They might start wondering, "is he an SEO guy? article marketer? video guy? what is he"? I might not even know.

        I don't want that to happen.
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          Think about who your subscribers are.

          What kind of information do they want?

          What would be of genuine value to them?

          What format would they like that information delivered in (pdf, video, mp3, on a web page etc)?

          You can also do a survey to your list or personally call or email some of your subscribers to see what they want.

          Then you give it to them.

          In some cases you give them valuable content completely free.

          In some cases you give them valuable content that educates them on why they should buy one of your products or services.

          In some cases you send them to a sales page that sells a product you know they want and need.

          But you try to email your list regularly and in most cases you look for a healthy balance between emails that promote a product and emails that deliver high quality content.

          Kindest regards,
          Andrew Cavanagh
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