What's the best grammar correction tool?

by bugzy
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I'm looking for a desktop tool guys.

Paid or Free will do.
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    I've been using Ginger Grammar Checker for quite some time now. You can even install their Google Extension.

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    you can go to this link Ginger Software | Desktop & Mobile Keyboard +
    Writing App
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    I have tried Grammarly. It's good but I stopped using it because I don't care that much about grammar.
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    Ginger software
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  • Mostly I use Ginger grammar checker tool.It can also check online.
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    What about MS Word....cut and paste!
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    I have been using the "gingersoftware.com/grammarcheck" It is online version. If you want to check any grammatical issue, you need to be online. Without internet connection, you will not be able to do the task. I found its a good site to check grammatical issue. You can take a look on it, if you want. Thanks


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    No software is ideal because English is too unpredictable. The best option is.... hire me.

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    MS Word 2007 would be sufficient with some advanced options

    go to

    button at top left of an open document->word options->proofing->when correcting spelling and grammar in word-> choose grammar and style from the drop down box ->click settings next to the drop down box and make sure every box is checked apart from use of first person-> press ok

    this will catch 90%-100% of all errors

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    Ginger is best tool for check grammatical error in contents.

    Link Dropping is a forum sin.

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    MS WORD!!!
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    I recommend Ginger. I've used it myself and it's actually a great tool!
    I see people recommend Word, well that's OK too, but honestly it's not as good as Ginger.
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    Originally Posted by bugzy View Post

    I'm looking for a desktop tool guys.

    Paid or Free will do.
    Check out Grammarly for Windows. I use their add-on on my chrome as well. It works real time. But for offline usage, download it on your computer
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    Not heard of Ginger. Will have a look at this software now
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    you can use ginger. I find it best
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    According to me GRAMMAR CHECK FOR SENTENCE is one of the best grammar correction tools. I am always using it.
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