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Hi Warriors,

Ok, it seems like money is always tight and there's always something else that needs to be bought. And I have a running list of "Things to Buy" as the money comes along.

Now, I actually have in my hot little hands about $1,000 I can spend on something. It doesn't mean that I shouldn't be spending the money on other necessary things (ahem) but for now, I could really squeeze and buy something I've been needing in the $1,000 range (maybe). So I'm looking at three different things but can get only one. Which would you choose?

1. Laptop computer

I have a destop, but that's it. No laptop and as I delve deeper into my business, I worry about having a backup computer if something should happen to this one. I'm also SICK of not being able to work on my stuff unless I'm at home in front of my desktop.

I know loneliness and productivity have been discussed here along with the merits of working from Starbucks or Panera Bread or wherever on your laptop. I would dearly love to have a laptop and go to my local Barnes and Noble and sit in the Starbucks there with my laptop.

2. Live event.

This discounted rate for prior customers just happens to be $1,000 and I REALLY want to go. I even managed to get the time off of my regular day job. (No small feat when it wasn't part of my already-scheduled vacations days. I had to beg, then bribe to get those specific days off.)

I've never been to a live event and this will NOT be a pitch-fest. But I'm still more or less in the beginning stages of my business and am not sure I can justify going to a live event when I only have sporadic income coming in right now -- nothing regular. The "prudent" side of me says to stick with the homestudy courses for now and put the live events on a back burner.

It's been mentioned here that people don't generally "get" what Warriors do and it would be so awesome to be around people who "get" it. I think the networking and learning with like-minded individuals would be so awesome. But again, at this stage of my business, can I justify it?

3. 1 Shopping Cart for 1 year

I've been piecing together my order/payment processing/affiliate/etc. processes and it's really almost more headache than it's worth. I've done it because I've felt 1SC was too expensive for me at this stage, but as I put my business together, I've been increasingly frustrated.

Yes, I know I could do the $100 monthly payment, but aside from the cost itself, I don't have the regular income/orders to justify the cost. So I've been planning on using PayPal (which I still would do if I had 1SC). But I'm struggling to find an affiliate program I like AND at the moment, I have no way to track ads, articles, etc. (1SC offers ad tracking services too.)

True, I still don't have the regular orders or volume to justify it, but if I paid it in one lump sum for a year, I wouldn't feel the bite every month.


I could always do payments on a laptop and 1SC and pay the fee for the seminar in one lump sum. I've just been shy of adding any more payments to my obligations. I'm trying to REDUCE my monthly payments, not increase them!

There is a payment plan for the seminar, but the cost increases by $500 if I do that and I hate to spend an extra $500 just because I chose payments! Cash flow is an issue here, but I could really use the extra $500 for other things.

Thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions?

I'm particularly interested in what others think about the value of live events. I already know the one I want to go to and am fully convinced of it's value to me. I'm just not sure if it's the right thing to do at this time. What was your experience with attending a live event and did you feel it was worth it?

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    Depending on who is putting on the live event and whether you can be sure that it will not be a constant attempt to sell you stuff (God knows you will find enough stuff you want on your own), it would be a toss-up between the computer and the event for me.

    The question is to you have a functional computer that can do what you need it to do -- if so, then I would personally choose the live event. If not, the computer comes first.
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      Good points. My destop is fully functional. No problems with it at all. In fact, that's exactly why I've NOT gotten a laptop. I live less than a mile from work and only travel a couple of times a year on vacation. I don't do any marketing in person. No real networking, in-person sales, etc. And I DO spend the majority of my time at home.

      So I've felt I couldn't really justify the expense when I don't have a "need" -- just a "want." But lately, that "want" has gotten a LOT stronger!

      As for the event, there will certainly be stuff to buy, but it WON'T be a pitchfest. It's put on by Alexandria Brown and I've bought a few things from her before and been quite impressed. I've chosen her as my main mentor and follow her closely. I'd LOVE to go to one of her events. In fact, I'd never consider going to a live event put on by anyone else (with the exception of Dan Kennedy). I've never felt the extra cost, travel and other hassles were worth it when I could get the content in the homestudy seminar-in-a-box version that always comes out after one of these events. I'm very much a do-it-yourself kind of person and have always shied away from showing up in person to ANYTHING.

      I really want to attend this one though and I can get a ticket for half-off of what everyone else will be paying. The only way I can afford it really. But money's been tight for me too and I "should" be using it for other things.

      However, I also know that we have to make a conscious choice to invest in ourselves and our businesses. I think Warriors, especially newbies, often are way too adverse to spending any money on theemselves and their businesses. I DO think it's important to be willing to invest in yourself and your business. I've just never felt a seminar was worth the investment. EVER.

      But I feel this one really is. I'm just wondering if it's a good time to do it NOW, especially given the other things I need.

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  • I would go for the laptop. It's unlikely that the "live event" will be a good investment. (Sorry.) If you want a shopping cart, I'll set one up for you in one day (maybe two if I hit a snag or get sidetracked) for $200 including your payment gateway. (Merchant account is on you.) PM me if interested. That leaves you $800, which gets you a pretty darn good spanking new laptop these days if you know where to look. (I can help you out there, too.)
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      Originally Posted by SurviveUnemployment View Post

      I would go for the laptop. It's unlikely that the "live event" will be a good investment. (Sorry.) If you want a shopping cart, I'll set one up for you in one day (maybe two if I hit a snag or get sidetracked) for $200 including your payment gateway. (Merchant account is on you.) PM me if interested. That leaves you $800, which gets you a pretty darn good spanking new laptop these days if you know where to look. (I can help you out there, too.)
      Thanks for the offer. Still looking at my choices...

      Why do you say the live event wouldn't be a good investment? Just curious.

      Don't be sorry for saying so. I asked for opinions. As a rule, I generally feel the same way, actually. As I said, I've never felt that a live event was worth the cost and hassle (travel, time away, etc.). If I REALLY wanted the content, there's almost always a homestudy version I could get.

      So I was just wondering what your specific reasons for saying so were.

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    A fully functioning computer is a wonderful thing - it is even more wonderful if you have a good solid back up - either external hard drive or lap top serving the same purpose but with more functionality.

    If you already have a good back up system why not hang on to the money until you find something you need rather than try to dip into a wish list?

    You might not like what I say - but I believe it.
    Build it, make money, then build some more
    Some old school smarts would help - and here's to Rob Toth for his help. Bloody good stuff, even the freebies!

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    I think you should get a laptop! Nice ones can be found on sale now for $600 or less! Gives you the $400 to shop for other things. There's nothing like having a laptop. Very handy. Can access your work from anywhere like you stated earlier, starbucks or lunch breaks. You will find yourself requiring more and more time with the computer, so better to have a laptop which is portable and you can have with you at all times! Plus, it'd be good investment in the sense you got something out of your moneys worth that you can keep with you for the next couple years!

    G'luck deciding!
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    I would go for the laptop . I am also in S Florida and it is really nice to be able to work outside at a paneras or starbucks, especially when you also work inside a lot. In terms of networking, there are a lot of business meetup groups down here you can find too if you look at meetup .

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    Since you have mentioned work I would say go with the laptop. But who am I to say. Follow the priorities. What you need not what you want. your need may later fulfill your want. Do not go after the want like me.
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    About the laptop...well it really really helps for me to be mobile. I love getting up and going to Panera (which is a convenient few blocks from my house) and working there.

    I absolutely despise working at my home, but if I have to I do it. It's usually in the evenings.

    So, if you're anything like me and don't like working in your home, you should get a laptop.

    You can buy one for around 400-500 these days on the lower end, which will give you some extra money to work with.

    If you need help finding one just PM me, I know how to find good deals on these types of things.

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    I think I'm with Tina - although it is a tough choice. It does sound like you really, really want to go to this live event so if you've got the money why not!!! If you're happy with your desktop and a laptop isn't a necessity - if it can wait then why not go to the live event.

    I know there are other things you 'should' be spending the money on, but sometimes it's good to just spend it on what you want rather than what you need.
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      Thanks everyone for you input. I really appreciated the different viewpoints.

      At this time, I've decided to go for the laptop. I REALLY want to go to the live event, but at this time, I feel the laptop is a better investment, long-term. He ordered it today and it should be here Monday.

      A local independent guy (Russ) who repairs and sells new and used computers was recommended to me by two different people. I've been in to his shop a few times and he was always very personable and helpful, never any pressure. More than one person told me he was able to fix their computer problems when no one else could/would. Best of all, I can talk to him face to face and won't be dealing with a company like the Geek Squad if anything ever happens.

      I've taken my time shopping around. In the meantime, my mother's computer went on the fritz. It just wouldn't turn on at all and she had no idea what was wrong. I recommended Russ to her. Like most of us, she's very dependent on her computer and right now she's in a study program this summer preparing to sit for the CPA exam. She NEEDS her computer for her assignments. Russ got it fixed in a day for $80. She was very grateful and I was impressed. (Unlike Best Buy who kept it for over three weeks and still hadn't even looked at it!)

      And he'll give me a laptop with XP on it so I don't have to deal with Vista. Yay!

      The laptop itself is $600 and the rest of the money is going for a wireless router, external mouse, an extra 2 GB of memory, etc. Total tab will be a little over $800, so not quite $1,000.

      I'd still love to do the live event and am wondering how I might come up with another $1,000. Speaking of things that make you go hmmmm...

      I'm disappointed about not going to the live event, but I feel good about my choice to get the laptop. I'll continue to stick with homestudy courses for now.

      Thanks for your input everyone!

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    You made the right choice. You'll be happy you did!
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    Spend the money, on something that would generate more income. Like a laptop. :-)
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    I hope I am not too late here...

    Absolutely goto the live event! Without question these things can change your life. You should be easily able to parlay that $1000 into $2000 income by forming partnerships etc.

    Then take that $1000 you make back and buy a $600 laptop and get a much better solution than 1shoppingcart for only $67 per month.

    Go to the seminar - these things open your eyes to looking at IM in a way that never existed. Do it this way and you can have it all if you are patient.

    BTW - I did exactly this and it really helped my business.
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      Thanks for your input everyone. I appreciate it.

      As of tonight, I now own a laptop and I have a wireless router so I can take my laptop anywhere in my home and be connected to the 'Net. Yay!

      I have some physical problems and often, sitting at my desk in front of my computer is not very comfortable at all, especially after 9 hours in front of a computer at work. But like most Warriors here, I'm just plain addicted to IM and feel cut off if I can't be on the 'Net. Reclining in bed or on the couch where I'm at least able to put my feet up (which I can't really do under my desk) will make a HUGE difference on those days when I'm not feeling well.

      I bought from an independent computer repair guy who came reocmmended to me (as I mentioned earlier) and he really helped me out and gave me very courteous and personalized service.

      I got an Acer laptop with XP -- no Vista for me! (Best Buy wouldn't sell me a laptop with XP, only Vista and Toshiba would have sent a disk with an XP option but I would have had to do it myself. Ugggh! As a non-techie, doing these things myself intimidates me. What if I break something???) He also configured the wireless router for me so that all I had to do when I got home was plug it in. I also had him add an extra 2 GB of memory, plus I added a wireless mouse. Total tab was just under $800 -- even less than he'd originally told me. (The laptop was $599.)

      Mostly, I bought from this guy because I wanted to deal with someone face to face -- someone who can help me if things go wrong -- instead of just dealing with a company (and their foreign tech support!) by phone and Internet. This guy was VERY helpful and courteous and patiently answered all of my questions. I love my Dell desktop. It's had no serious problems (knock on wood), but after briefly calling Dell for a question about my printer/scanner/fax and getting nowhere with their Indian tech support shortly after I bought it, I felt really uncomfortable buying from them again.

      I'm excited about the fact that I can now go to Barnes & Noble (with a Starbucks inside) and work. I'm a HUGE bookworm and LOVE going to BN. I can spend HOURS there and now I probably will!


      I totally get what you're saying and it's a reason I really wanted to go. Maybe, if I get really creative really fast, I can still go. (Thoughts are spinning through my brain.) But I'm still happy with my decision.

      The only thing I have left to do is synch my desktop with my external hard drive and then plug it into my latop and get all of MY Documents on my laptop.

      Time to get back to work!

      "You can't market here. This is a marketing discussion forum!"
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